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Tuesday, 4 February 2014
Steve P

11:21 PM

Alvin you say

"@ Michael : Well look at it this way, there were no riots when DAB superseded the FM waveband or when AM & SW wave bands became defunct, so why would there be a riot over DAB + ruling king if it was for the greater good of society? ""

But the events you cite have not happened. FM AM SW all still going strong.

If they try to CLOSE these services in favoutr of the tnferior DAB; THEN there will be riots.

By all means have DAB for any that want it.

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Steve P's 1,171 posts GB
Saturday, 8 February 2014
Alvin Pritchard

8:15 PM

MikeB : If government mandated last year that all DAB sets must now be DAB+ compatible, then i think we have our answer as to what is going to happen, DAB+ transmission is going to be the inevitable future standard in the UK once sufficient sales of such sets have been ascertained, and they are obviously using this approach to soften the blow for owners of DAB only sets which will then become defunct.

Looks like it will be a few years that DAB+ switchover actually happens though, i reckon around 2018-19. based on the number of DAB+ sets currently being sold.

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Alvin Pritchard's 40 posts GB

9:37 PM

I agree that Digital 2 needs to be DAB+ that would be the only way forward. Just like getting DAB-T2 is now the only sensible choice for TV. It's a no brainer. But will the people in charge agree? Probably not.

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Betamax_man's 43 posts GB

10:51 PM

Alvin Pritchard: Even though DAB+ compatability might be the mandated standard now, think just how many radios will have to be sold to allow a complete switchover. At two million a year, your as much replacing older FM/AM radios as replacing older DAB only sets. Since people are moaning about replacing AM sets, you can see what sort of consumer resistance there will be if you mandated DAB +.

'DAB+ transmission is going to be the inevitable future standard in the UK once sufficient sales of such sets have been ascertained' - thats going to be quite a while. I'm not holding my breath.

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MikeB's 2,577 posts GB
Sunday, 9 February 2014

8:24 PM

Too many not-so-cheap DAB radios have been bought for them to be dumped long before their useful life-span so as to be replaced with DAB+ receivers. DAB will have to be retained for many years yet. Broadcasters will aim to limit duplication, so even if a new national mulplex were DAB+, they would have to be convinced of the viability of broadcasting on both until saturation of DAB+ coverage and receiver sales allowed DAB to be discontinued.

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michael's 851 posts GB
Sunday, 16 February 2014
Steve P

11:59 PM

Too many FM radios ditto - especially as most of them are integrated into other kit.

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Steve P's 1,171 posts GB
Monday, 17 February 2014

9:39 PM

Amen, Amen, Steve. The best way forward is evident to those not constrained by political and business interests : FM and DAB to share, not duplicate. AM to fill propagation gaps and provide emergeny local information coverage to legacy battery radios. DAB+ retained as a next-generation option - unless even better evolves by then :-)

On the local bus today, I overheard people (unaware of CCI) complaining about ongoing abysmally fluctuating DTT reception, when aforetimes analog was consistently watchable. If the movers and shakers ignored the anomalies of CCI following DSO, what hope for punter-friendly radio and TV reception when 3-4-5G merchants shake their cheque books?

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michael's 851 posts GB
Sunday, 9 March 2014

12:18 PM

Yorkshire radio is back on the air on digital radio in west Yorkshire,may need to rescan to receive it.

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sharealam's 223 posts EU

4:33 PM

sharealam: Thanks for that. This site will show this when Ofcom update their database.

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Briantist's 38,846 posts GB
Sunday, 13 April 2014
Roger M
11:07 PM

Reported By

Ofcom has published a consultation on proposed changes to its Digital Radio Technical Code and accompanying Guidance Notes.

The proposals would allow for the use of DAB+ on the future "D2" second national commercial multiplex, though this would not be mandatory. The use of DAB+ would initially be limited to 30% of the available capacity.

Ofcom believes competition between services and with other media provides effective self-regulation in matters of sound quality and therefore proposes to remove the minimum bitrate requirement. According to the consultation document, "there is no evidence to suggest dissatisfaction from consumers with the technical quality of content from platforms that are not subject to explicit technical quality standards requirements". Ofcom extrapolates this to mean that there is no need for minimum standards on DAB either.

Ofcom proposes that all DAB/DAB+ broadcasts should use UEP3 or EEP3 as appropriate. Broadcasters may use greater error protection if they wish, but any subsequent reduction in error protection may be subject to consultation. Under Ofcom's proposals, broadcasters would not be permitted to reduce error protection to UEP 4 or 5, but doesn't mention whether services already using those protection levels would be permitted to continue doing so.

Ofcom proposes to dissolve the Memorandum of Understanding that was agreed with broadcasters relating to the introduction of new transmitters. The MoU was designed to ensure that new transmissions did not cause interference to neighbouring ensembles using the same frequency, nor punch unacceptable holes in the coverage of other ensembles in the same area. As the roll-out of DAB continues, more sites will be required and Ofcom proposes a more streamlined approach to the approvals process, details of which are included in an Annex.

Ofcom proposes to advertise the second national commercial multiplex in the second quarter of 2014.

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Roger M's 16 posts GB
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