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A question for Freeview user in Scotland

BBC Parliament used to be carried as a "quarter screen" service on Freeview. Would you prefer the channel to use this type of format whilst BBC Alba is being broadcast and have the ten radio stations back?

BBC Parliament used to be carried as a  quarter screen  service
published on UK Free TV

Until 13 November 2006, the BBC Parliament channel used to be carried as a quarter screen service on Freeview, because as the BBC said at the time:

"It is felt to be a more efficient use of space to display BBC Parliament within a text format, with the picture a quarter screen, thus enabling the broadcast of other services. This is only possible because the majority of camera shots are of one person talking."

In Scotland, during the hours that BBC Alba is on air, the BBC have removed ten radio stations: Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4, 4 Extra, 5 Live Sports Extra, World Service, Asian Network, Radio Scotland and Radio nan Gaidheal.

There have been some questions about the consultation.

One question that was not asked: could BBC Parliament be returned to the "quarter screen plus text" service during the BBC Alba transmission hours, so that the ten radio stations could continue to broadcast?

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Friday, 8 July 2011
7:34 PM

There's only one short answer to this - yes. The situation we have at the moment is utterly ridiculous - main BBC radio channels unavailable throughout Scotland and replaced by tartan & shortbread ad infinitum..

There is absolutely NO justification for such a stupid and (licence payers money)wasteful decision. Yet another example of the BBC ineptness. The irony is that a lot of BBC Alba programmes have subtitles in English - further proof of how narrow minded this decision was.

The sooner this mess is sorted out the better!

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Iain's 3 posts GB flag
Monday, 11 July 2011
5:08 PM

I rely on Freeview to receive Radio 2 at home (promoted by the BBC as being Britain's most popular radio station) at night, and am devastated at it being removed simply to allow a small minority of us Scots to view BBC Alba. I would wholeheartedly support your suggestion regarding BBC Parliament if it brings back our radio stations.

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DBV333's 1 post GB flag
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Friday, 15 July 2011

6:28 PM

Thanks to all for your comments.

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Briantist's 38,910 posts GB flag
Sunday, 17 July 2011

1:37 PM

We have already reached the stage now in England, let alone Scotland, where the capacity issues on Freeview are so serious that the standard Freeview picture and sound quality on most channels ranges from poor to totally unsatisfactory. Even the main channels standard Freeview falls well short of the analogue picture quality in areas of good reception (ypu only have to watch any sport and remember how good the picture used to be). This was particularly noticeable watching the tennis and golf recently on BBC TV compared to before Dec 2009. BBC 1 & 2, ITV and Channel 4 analogue gave a much better picture in areas of good clear signal than their standard digital counterparts and not all of us can afford (or indded want to) switch to HD having bought a standard Freeview box only a few years ago (if that). Analogue could also cope better with movement in pictures than the digital replacements (which let's face it is what TV is all about - moving pictures) . There are now a ridiculous number of services that have very low viewing figures, yet are using up valuable bit rate. I think Ofcom need to re-think the digital multiplex and at least split up part of the non BBC multiplexes to allow some of the most watched services such as BBC THREE, BBC FOUR ITV3 & 4 a higher bit rate and kill off some of the trashier channels of which there are far too many (inc the plus ones). I have never understood the need for these when people have recording devices which can display the same programmes logo free. Also all the sex channels should be subscription and move to SKY, in keeping with the Murdoch bottom of the barrel ethos, to free up a bit more capacity. Whover planned Freeview needs a serious talking to. If it is not possible to do some of this in Scotland then a quarter picture at certain times of the day in Scotland in the evening is a much better prospect than losing all the radio channels at that time of day. I wouldn't care but if you delete the services you don't like (QVC, bid-up TV, Filth etc, they come back two or three days later with an automatic update that you cannot stop !! Not good for protecting kids from the dross and inappropraite.

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Nedbod's 619 posts GB flag
Thursday, 21 July 2011
Ancient Footsteps
12:39 PM

Yes yes yes. Radio back please.
BBC Alba is a disgraceful waste of money for narrow political aims. Its output is pitifully weak (mostly Irish music) compared with S4C (which is itself a disgraceful waste etc). Not worth one radio station let alone 10

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Ancient Footsteps's 3 posts GB flag
6:20 PM

Ancient Footsteps:
BBC Alba has an eclectic mix of programming giving the Gaelic language a strong sense of identify.

Much of the music is actually both Scottish and Irish and features the cream of the Scottish and Gaelic music scenes. I living in London cannot wait for it to be available outside of Alba

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Pete's 2 posts GB flag
Friday, 22 July 2011
Marmie Campbell
7:39 AM

Please bring back the BBC radio stations. Alba has its place and its audience but it shouldn't be given priority over other BBC radio stations who also have a large audience across the rest of Scotland. I'm from Edinburgh and I don't think we've ever spoken Gaelic. I resent the implication that as I am Scottish I should be listening to this instead of my usual BBC radio 2 from 5pm on. Give us back our freedom of choice!

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Marmie Campbell's 1 post GB flag

8:20 AM

Pete: BBC Alba is on Freesat and Sky.

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Briantist's 38,910 posts GB flag
Peter Henderson

6:33 PM

If they did away with Rabbit and Gay Rabbit would that leave enought room for the radio stations ?

Think the idea about BBC partiment is probably the best solution.

Wonder if they'll try something like this with TG4 in NI after DSO here ?

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Peter Henderson's 240 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 26 July 2011

8:43 AM

Peter Henderson: No, it would not.

Firstly, they are text services, and use very little bandwidth.

Secondly, they belong to Teletext Ltd, and the primary legislation allocates 5% of Multiplex 2 to the "national teletext operator".

Thirdly, Multiplex PSB2 is for non-BBC services, also by primary legislation.

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Briantist's 38,910 posts GB flag
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