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DAB multiplex pages now have coverage maps

I have added to the DAB multiplex pages maps that show the coverage area for the multiplex.

I have added to the DAB multiplex pages maps that show the cove
published on UK Free TV

The pages that show the list of transmitters with a given DAB multiplex on them now show the primary reception area for the multiplex.

For example, here is the "London 3" coverage map:

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Friday, 22 July 2011

6:14 PM

The BBC will not need anywhere need 1,000 masts for DAB.

The FM figures quoted by Ofcom for BBC national radio are: 94.9% for robust indoor coverage, 99.1% for variable coverage.

The BBC has a plan in place for 97.2% robust indoor DAB coverage, so clearly some people with poor FM are going to benefit with a strong DAB signal.

The number of transmitters required for this is 404. Even with the law of diminishing returns it's clear that the BBC will not be building 1,000 transmitters (which would be 596 just to serve 1.9% of the population.

The BBC will be doing more planning work this summer around their existing network to lift the figure above 97.2%. The document submitted to Ofcom on 14th June 2011 is subject to amendments because of this.

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Mark's 181 posts GB flag

9:54 PM

Brian - the map I linked to is the one I had done when I managed the London 3 multiplex (my defunct email address is still on their webpage!).

The map I linked to shows coverage of UEP3 (58dB) and UEP4 (61dB) services on London 3.

For comparison, CE Digital (London 1) don't publish their coverage map, however Switch (London 2) do publish theirs:

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Ash's 27 posts GB flag
Saturday, 23 July 2011
Trevor Harris

7:20 PM


I would point out that the BBC had to go 230 to 404 in order to increase coverage from 93.8% to 97.2%. So it took a 75% increase in transmitters to go increase coverage by 3.4%. Even if we don't alow for deminished returns we will need roughly a 50% increase to go an extra 2%. That is 606 transmitters in total. Looking at the maps you can see that the gaps in the coverage will be very difficult to fill. Every motorway near me has long stretches not covered. The other issue is that the 99% coverage is an average and some regions will have much poorer coverage as shown by the BBC appendix to Ofcoms document.

It is interesting to note that the BBC is researching into DVB-T2 lite for use in car radios. So may be even the BBC realises it needs a plan B for when DAB fails.

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Trevor Harris's 367 posts GB flag
Monday, 25 July 2011
Steve Larkins
7:19 AM

I live in Newbury, Berkshire and get all London DAB multiplexes on a telescopic aerial in my upstairs office (with a Pure One Classic radio). Signal quality is about 80%.
I have a Triax 5 element DAB yagi in the loft pointed east for my DAB tuner in the lounge and get perfect London reception with 99% signal quality - I would imagine I get a signal from Guildford as we have a good view to the south east and can pick up all Guildford FM signals very well like "The Eagle" 96.4.

London 3 has the lowest signal quality. London 1 and 2 is receivable even in my downstairs rooms if I position the radio in a particular place.

I would think this map is very conservative on coverage based on my experience - even if we are on a small hill.

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Steve Larkins's 2 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 26 July 2011

6:11 PM

Ash: Yes, sorry, I realised just after I posted the original comment that I had misunderstood the comments underneath the map.

I think DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting | - independent free digital TV advice now matches the map you kindly provided a link to.

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Briantist's 38,915 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 24 October 2012
Richard Jewell
10:50 AM

I live in a bit of a DAB dead spot here, half way between the Daventry and Aspley heath transmitters. Reception is bearable, but flaky in the car.

I've lately been playing with a cheap Realtek BAB dongle and as an experiment can it through my 2M/70cm colinear.

Strewth! I'm pulling in the Wiltshire multiplexes with ease! Over 70 channels, without having to resort to directional antennae.

This has made me think that some slightly more sophisticated receivers with slightly better gain and more effective antennae will go a long way towards quelling many of the complaints about DAB.

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Richard Jewell's 1 post GB flag
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