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How can I get Italian satellite channels in the UK?

How can I get Italian satellite channels in the UK?

How can I get Italian satellite channels in the UK?
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You will need a dish pointed at the Hot Bird 6/7A/8 at 13.0°E satellite to get:

Canale Lavoro
RAI Edu 1
RAI Mosaico
RAI News 24
Camera dei Deputati
RAI Sport Satellite
RAI Nettuno Sat Due
RAI Edu 2
RAI Nettuno Sat Uno
Sat 2000
Italia 1
Canale 5
Rete 4
Senato Italiano

See the following for the list of programming:

Listing for RAI channels can be found RAI TV listings.

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Friday, 26 April 2013

5:04 PM

Aiming dishes at satellites, getting the correct aiming angles.
Though the 'orbital' position may be at 13 degrees East, that is not the correct azimuth (the East or West angle away from the Greenwich Meridian) for the dish to see the satellite! You need to calculate both azimuth and elevation for the exact location of the dish and receiving site. You could use Calculate Azimuth And Elevation Angles and enter the latitude and longitude as well as the height above sea level, it does matter, and then add the orbital longitude position of the wanted satellite, e.g. +18 for Hotbird with a latitude of 0 (it's nominally geostationary above the Equator). The calculator will show the correct aiming angles for the dish. Remember that an 'offset' dish, where the LNB is on a boom and is below the dead centre of the dish, actually receives the signals from the equivalent angle above the dish, it actually 'looks over' the the LNB. So, take a measurement of the angle that the LNB is below a perpendicular drawn from the dish face top and bottom edges, then the elevation setting (using the same front edges of the dish as the reference) should be the calculated angle minus the offset angle. Yes, it looks at a point higher in the sky than it appears to.
The further north the receiving location the closer the azimuth is to the orbital position, but it's not the same. Elevation is lower further north too. Further south, the azimuth is rather greater than the orbital position suggests.

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MikeP's 3,056 posts GB flag

5:25 PM

SILVANA : RAI etc is still on the same satellite (Hotbird at 13°E) all in digital. Some programmes are still free to view, some are restricted to owners of a Tivu receiver registered to a codice civil in Italy. Search the internet for Tivu, RAI etc and see earlier postings on this webpage for further details.

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michael's 869 posts GB flag
Monday, 27 May 2013
Alex Ogwuche
6:37 PM

how can i get italain channels in Nigeria (west africa)which size of dish do i need

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Alex Ogwuche's 1 post NG flag
Tuesday, 28 May 2013

5:31 PM

I doubt that you can as the coverage pattern of satellites for European TV transmissions does not reach that far south, there would be no signal at all as they are aimed at Europe and not Africa. There may be some fringe reception in Libya, Algeria, etc but none in Mali or Niger nor any further south.

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MikeP's 3,056 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 4 June 2013
1:32 AM

Hi there,
i only have freeview through my samsung tv. i would like to get italian and french tv installed at home, but i am not allowed to fix a satellite on to the side of my building because of the lease. there is a sky satellite on the roof already, but we arent allowed anything else. does anybody know if i could get the hotbird channels through the sky connection? and which companies here in uk offer the free foreign channels in france and italy? also what set top box do i need for this? if at all? thank-you

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lucia's 1 post GB flag

4:33 PM

The satellite dish used to get the Sky programmes cannot be used for those from another satellite in a different position in orbit, such as Hotbird, because it is pointed at the Sky satellites. Sky satellites are positioned above the Equator and 28 degrees east of the Greenwich meridian, Hotbird is 13 degrees east and the 'old' Astra satellites are at 19 degrees east. The part on the dish that receives the signals, the LNB, cannot 'see' any signals from the other satellites, so those programmes are not available without a whole new dish, which you say you are not allowed. So you cannot get these programmes without permission from your landlord, sorry.

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MikeP's 3,056 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 12 June 2013
4:27 PM


I already have a receiver to catch Italian channel.
I'd like to buy (and bring to UK) a Sky Italia View-box.
Do you know if it is going to work, just attaching it to the LBN currently being used for the receiver (basically, I want to replace it with the Sky one)?
I've heard that in some other counties it wouldn't work.

Thanks for your reply

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Sergio's 2 posts DK flag

7:23 PM

Lucia and Sergio : the EU confers free movement of goods and services. It is an outrage that this is not deemed to include free access to all TV on the same terms as in the prime target country. It should be possible to register a Tivu or Sky Italia box to a home address in Italy (eg family there) and hand-carry it to another country within the Hotbird footprint. If you are required to plug the box into a phone socket, there might be a problem as "they" would then know where you are :-) It should be feasible for a solictor to challenge dish restrictions imposed by a landlord, in terms of EU law and directives and, not least, in terms of human rights. But I have not heard of anyone challenging this. Some Councils allow tenants to receive satellite TV from their countries of origin; this might be a relevant precedent. Last resort : if you have a south-facing window, you could mount a "portable" dish on a tripod inside and point it at the satellite. In fair weather, this would work. Likewise, if you have a south-facing balcony you could do the same. The critical issue would be that the dish would have to be a non-permanent installation, eg on a movable tripod which is taken inside at irregular intervals. Far from ideal as it would have to be aligned to the satellite each time, but that is what I would do if in that position. Best wishes!

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Michael's 869 posts GB flag
Monday, 15 July 2013
12:09 PM

Hi All,

Hoping someone can help me out there>?

My wife is italian and at the moment we have no TV. We are expecting our fist child so would like to get italian TV.

we have no normal aerial at the meoment, there is a SKy dish on the side wall and there is a larger dish the previous owners were non british nationals i dont know what this was aligned to pick up.

I would liek a dummies guide to get started pelase.

Craig & Marta

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Craig's 1 post US flag

5:42 PM

Craig and Marta, look further back in this
thread to find useful information. You could be lucky with the bigger dish, which could be pointing at 13°E. If not, it could probably be realigned. Italian TV is on the Hotbird satellite at 13°E. With access to an address in Italy you will be able to get a Tivu receiver registered to that address and watch all the main Italian channels. See previous postings. You will probably need help from somebody knowledgeable about satellite installations to align the dish and set the system up. Good luck!

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michael's 869 posts GB flag
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