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what is the difference between normal Co-axial cable and satellite grade? Can I

what is the difference between normal Co-axial cable and satellite grade? Can I use normal cable for either freeview or satellite signal?

what is the difference between normal Co-axial cable and  satel
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The satellite cable is higher grade (ie, thicker), but the impedance of both is 75 ohms, so you can use satellite cable for Freeview, but not the other way round.

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Sunday, 1 May 2016
12:53 PM


It is unwise to mix cable types for satellite downleads. The UHF coax is poor at the frequencies used for the connection between the LNB and the satellite receiver inputs. The change in presented impedance at the cable junction can give rise to unexpected effects, such as some signals not being receivable but others seeming OK.

I would recommend changing the UHF (conventional TV) cables for satellite flyleads using 'F' connectors fitted carefully to avoid short circuits. You can use 'F' to 'F' couplers to join cables together but try to use only one maximum in each lead.

The problem you report could well be because of the use of TV cable and not satellite cable.

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MikeP's 2,332 posts Platinum Platinum GB
Monday, 23 January 2017
12:10 PM

I have moved into a new flat. There is an NTL box in the lounge but no cables attached. My neighbour installed an aerial on the roof a few years ago so she can get tv reception. What are my options? Many thanks

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Annie's 2 posts NL
2:23 PM

Annie : The NTL box will most likely be leftover from where a previous resident has had cable TV and isn't any use for Freeview. If you're in an area with strong signal (please provide a postcode so we can check) you might be able to get away with using an indoor aerial, but otherwise you'd have to get your own roof aerial put up, assuming there is no communal aerial system in the building.

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StevensOnln1's 2,035 posts Platinum Platinum GB
Sunday, 30 July 2017
11:16 AM

I have run a satellite co-ax cable from my sky dish to feed a second box in my daughters bedroom, No connections apart from at either end approx 20meterrun.
No signal is being received by the box, box is ok as I have changed with the other one in the lounge and all ok there.
What can be causing this?
Do I need to use the sky+ cable? is there any difference?

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darren's 1 post GB
Monday, 31 July 2017
11:18 AM Winchester


There is no such thing as 'Sky+' cable, it is a marketing ploy to charge extra for good quality satellite cable. All you need between the LNB on your dish and any receiving equipment is good quality satllite coaxial cable, not 'standard' UHF TV cable. I use either CT100 of RG6 as a minimum, but you can get lower loss cables at greater expense. As you cable run is just 20 metres you do not need ultra low loss cables.

The likely cause of your problem is either a poorly fitted F connector (with a piece of the outer shield touching the inner core), a failure of part of the LNB (though these are rare) or a failure of the receiver equipment. You say yopu've tested the box on the other signal feed, so check the connectors are both fitted correctly with no short circuit between inner and outer conductors.

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MikeP's 2,332 posts Platinum Platinum GB
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