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I have TV, Sky+ box and DVD/VCR combo, how do I connect them up?

I have TV, Sky+ box and DVD/VCR combo, how do I connect them up?

I have TV, Sky+ box and DVD/VCR combo, how do I connect them up
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You need just TWO SCART leads:

- one from the SCART on the TV marked (1) or (RGB) connected to the Sky+ box's SCART labelled "TV"

- one from the SCART on the Sky+ box marked "VCR" to the first SCART connector on the DVD/VCR combo.

You can then view the stuff from the DVD by either pressing "PLAY" or putting the Sky+ box into Standby mode.

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Monday, 18 January 2016

3:09 PM

stewart: If its a Samsung (its a decent bet), then although it doesn't have a scart, you can still connect it. It will probably have a bag with some cables, including one which has yellow, red and white connectors at one end, and a 3.5mm jack at the other. Thats an RCA attachment, and you can get a RCA/scart adapter really cheaply. Have a look at the manual.

Also have the look at the back of the combi. If its 8 years old or less from a decent brand, there is a good chance its got an HDMI as well - which is easy to swap for the scart. The make/models of TV and combi would help.

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB flag
Wednesday, 20 January 2016
3:25 PM

Many thanks Mike That's really helpful and it can noe be sorted

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stewart's 2 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 23 May 2017
Colin Powley
3:25 PM

I have a flat screen TV with one scscart box and sky+box also with one scart box and a VCR also with one scart box how do set it up to record

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Colin Powley's 2 posts GB flag
Thursday, 15 November 2018
6:22 PM

I have a tv with only one scart socket and a sky box with one scart socket I want to connect a vhs dvd combi to it ca you help dennis

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dennis's 1 post US flag

7:41 PM

dennis: If the VHS/DVD combi only has one SCART socket also then you would need a SCART switch box such as the one linked below on Amazon. Although if you're using a HD TV and a Sky HD box then you would get better picture quality by connecting the Sky box to the TV with a HDMI lead and only using SCART for the VHS/DVD combi.

World of Data Twin Scart Adapter - 2 Way Scart Lead: Electronics

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StevensOnln1's 3,601 posts US flag
Sunday, 18 August 2019
5:25 AM

I have a SkyHD+ box with one SCART and one HDMI (output)
I have a DVD recorder with 2 SCART sockets and one HDMI (output)
When the SkyHD+ box is connected to the TV via SCART I get a picture
When I connect the Sky HD+ box to the DVD recorder via SCART, the DVD recorder gets no signal (I connected the DVD recorder to the TV via SCART too. I've also tried it via HDMI bit it still produces no picture).

I've checked that each SCART socket on the DVD recorder works for output by connecting it to the TV via SCART, each time I get a picture. But I don't don't know how i can test DVD SCART sockets for input.

I'm trying to determine if the SCART sockets on the DVD are faulty for input, thereby explaining why the SKYHD+ picture (Via SCART) is not appearing. I'm also trying to determiner how to get the SKYHD+ signal to feed into the DVD recorder.

I have connected by VHS recorder to the SKYHD+ box via SCART and it works fine.

Any ideas?
Any help

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whiskybravo's 1 post RO flag
Monday, 30 December 2019
5:11 PM

I have a Panasonic TV with one scart socket, A Sky Box (not a +) with two scart sockets and a VCR/DVD combi with two scart sockets. Please can someone tell me how do I connect them up.

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MELVYN MORGAN's 1 post GB flag
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