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Can I use an existing sky dish with a freeview box? and if so can the two servic

Can I use an existing sky dish with a freeview box? and if so can the two services share the same dish?

Can I use an existing sky dish with a freeview box? and if so c
published on UK Free TV

No, you cannot use a satellite box to receive terrestrial programmes.

I don't want to use a satellite box I have a freeview box. I want to know if an existing dish for sky can be use with the freeview box.Can I use a cable splitter and run one end to the sky box the the other to a freeview box and get the freeview channels.

You cannot use a Freeview receiver with a satellite dish, only an aerial.

You also cannot split a satellite signal from a dish, if you want to run more than one box you must use a dual- or quad-LNB on the satellite dish and have a cable to each satellite receiver.

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Monday, 26 September 2011
KB Aerials Sheffield

7:26 PM

do you mean that connected to the neighbours dish?

You cant use this with your bt vision box im afraid

You need a television aerial installing (if there isn't already one installed)

if your after a cheap fix buy a £30 freesat box from argos

MAKE SURE ITS DEFFO A SKY FEED THOUGH - as the freesat boxes are excluded from the 14 day return policy

Keith KB Aerials sheffield

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KB Aerials Sheffield's 274 posts GB flag
10:47 PM

We have sky+ to lounge, and all tv's in other rooms could watch sky too, via a complicated set of wires to a connector box. Now analogue is off,and only the sky channels are available on all our tv's. I bought a new tv for bedroom, where we used a magic eye to control sky box previously. New tv has built in freeview, and I don't know how to find sky channel. Will I not be able to watch sky in bedroom anymore? This is not good news for my sports loving husband. Would sky channel still be on the analogue settings somewhere?

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Fiona's 1 post GB flag
Tuesday, 27 September 2011
KB Aerials Sheffield

7:13 AM

yes sky will be found on the analogue side of the tv

I haven't come across an digital only tv yet while im out and about

if you have an aerial installed connected directly into the sky box the rest of the tv's in the house will have a digital terrestial signal available to them so you could watch either normal tv or sky giving others in the house choice other than just sky

Keith KB Aerials Sheffield 07946481125

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KB Aerials Sheffield's 274 posts GB flag
Friday, 7 October 2011
hilary bloor
1:17 PM

i am going to have sky tv reinstalled into my lounge. I want a tv in my kitchen not for sky but for normal and freeview channels.I do not have a phone line. Can this be done from the sky dish as normal ariel signal is very poor.

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hilary bloor's 1 post GB flag
2:49 PM

I wonder if you can help me with my query:

I have just moved down the road to a house which seems to have always just used satellite. I have twin satellite cables coming into the living room and a single one coming into an upstairs bedroom.

I would prefer to use an aerial and Freeview as it would be compatible with my existing TVs/PVR. Would it be possible to use the existing satellite cables (running from the roof through the house) to hook up an aerial to the TV? This would save me getting additional cables fitted. Are satellite and aerial cables compatible with appropriate adaptors?

There is an existing analogue aerial socket in the wall but it gives a pretty useless picture and is located in an awkward place, so I can't really use that one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Geoff's 1 post GB flag
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Tuesday, 11 October 2011
3:22 PM

Hi there, some really great comments and advice from pro's on here, so hopefully you can help me.
I have sky+HD in one room. I've just bought a 3D TV for another room on the other side of the house. I want to updgrade to Sky 3D so will the Magic Eye work if i connect it to the new 3D?
Secondly,I also want to add Free View to my new TV as the Sky is in our main living area.
Can I connect a cable to the LNB and run it into a new FreeSat Receiver and work straight from that?
If i have an aerial for my local free TV (i'm in Ireland) can I use a TV aerial & sat combiner and just have the one cable coming into the room with the 3D going into the freesat box?

Finally, can a splitter be put onto the magic eye cable to allow me use it on two different TV's with an eye on each?

Hope this makes sense...

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Terry's 1 post IE flag
Thursday, 13 October 2011

9:02 PM

Terry: Right...

You can use the "RF link" with a 3D-enabled television, but there isn't a hope that the 3D picture will work via RF.

Freeview comes via an aerial, Freesat from satellite. If you want Freesat you will just need a Freesat box and a cable from the LNB.

You can use a diplexer to mix satellite and aerial signals together but if you can run separate cables this is a much more reliable solution.

If you split the "magic eye" cable it usually stops the magic eye working. You can always use the RF1 output if you want to connect another TV via RF, however.

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Briantist's 38,906 posts GB flag

9:59 PM

hilary bloor: Freeview needs and aerial, but you can use FreeSAT with a separate connection to an existing dish.

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Briantist's 38,906 posts GB flag
Friday, 14 October 2011
KB Aerials Sheffield

7:34 AM

Terry a lot to answer in that question
Firstly - magic eyes - yes you can make them work in 2 rooms (or 16 if you really want) - but you cant just use a splitter you need an amplifier with rf2 bypass that allows the return pass signal to reach the sky box - see

as brian says you cant get 3d through the rf link - you can use an HDMI splitter to split the sky signal to 2 or 4 (or more) HDMI televisions - but I have had 50/50 reliability with this method so if you are going to go down this method make sure any long HDMI cables work with the appropriate equipment before you start drilling holes in walls running them under floors or through lofts then plastering in - because I have fallen foul of what should work but doesn't - ie I ran a 10 mtr HDMI cable in installed a 4 way HDMI splitter - customer finished off with plastering decorating etc - then the bloody system didn't work (the cable on its own worked but through the splitter that said it would do the job fell flat on its face

yes you can combine satellite signal from the dish and the rf2 together by diplexing - you cant use a magic eye through this method (any one want to step in and correct me here ???? would be interested)

Yes you can connect a cable from your LNB if it has a spare out put direct to a freesat box

to recap

you need a cable from the dish to the freesat
a separate cable from rf2 to the second tv - a rf2 amp in between if you are connecting a third tv and a seperate HDMI cable from your sky box using a HDMI splitter to the second TV to get your 3D or HD

I think I answered everything - must get up and sort kids out for school now

Keith KB Aerials Sheffield 07946481125

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KB Aerials Sheffield's 274 posts GB flag
KB Aerials Sheffield

7:38 AM

Terry - to add - if you have an aerial connected into your sky box in the first room the rf2 link will carry the freeview signal to the second tv (and third)


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KB Aerials Sheffield's 274 posts GB flag
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