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Want to know how much the BBC spend in England, Scotland, Wales and NI per home?

Interesting figures from Broadcast magazine today - from their Nation and Regions Special - shows how much money is spent in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I thought I would share...

published on UK Free TV

Just in case you missed it today, BBC Scotland would like to have their own Six O'Clock news on BBC One at an extra cost of £65m a year - BBC Scotland bosses lobby for 'Scottish Six' news programme | Media | The Guardian.- at a time when the budget is being cut by £50m this year and £650m by 2020.  

Perhaps if they cut BBC ALBA (£9m/year) BBC Radio Scotland ( £31.4m a year), BBC Radio nan Gaidheal (£6.0m) that might get half way toward paying for it?    Not sure how a 30 minute news remix show would cost almost the same as a 24-hour news channel either. 


But here are the figures from Broadcast...

BBC Spend per £145.50 Licence Fee

There are 2.4 people per TV Licence (from BBC Full Financial Statements 2014/15). 

England £126.70, Scotland £175.72, Northern Ireland £202.98 and Wales £203.47 - from A new deal for the nations.


Workings out...

  Per Capita millions of poeple
England  £    52.10 53.01
Scotland  £    72.20 5.295
Northern Ireland  £    83.40 1.811
Wales  £    83.60 3.064



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Tuesday, 10 May 2016
6:11 PM

I have been so pleased with the Freeview platform over recent months, that i cancelled my tv bundle with a major provider. I believe this to be a trend gathering pace. The major providers are losing customers who find Freeview caters for their TV needs. Please stay Free , Perhaps the next move in TV would be the abolition of the TV License,so that it is no longer a privilege to own and operate a TV. Full marks to FREEVIEW.

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walter's 13 posts GB

7:10 PM

walter: 'Please stay Free , Perhaps the next move in TV would be the abolition of the TV License,so that it is no longer a privilege to own and operate a TV. Full marks to FREEVIEW.'

I agree that Freeview works well, and there is more than enough on for me not to bother with any extra provision.

However, there is no such thing as free. The BBC uses the licence fee, but commercial operators use adverts, and Gold etc use subscribers. The commercials you see are paid for by the people hoping you buy stuff, and even if you think your never influenced by adverts, your almost certainly still paying for them. The figure is something like 200 a year each.

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB
MikeB's: mapM's Freeview map terrainM's terrain plot wavesM's frequency data wifiM's R&TI Service businessM's digitaluk trade radioM's DAB coverage
Wednesday, 11 May 2016
8:14 PM

MikeB, I have never been influenced by adverts i see on TV, I always buy what i feel i need. My only contention regarding the TV Licence, is that , it should no longer be a privilege to own a TV, which in essence it is.,that is the whole principal of licensing. I would be prepared to pay a token fee to the BBC for certain viewing ,but resent it being compulsory .

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walter's 13 posts GB

9:20 PM

walter: You can believe that if you want, but its like believing we are all perfectly logical, unbiased and don't respond to emotion - none of these things are true. And of course even if you are only buying what you need, the shop or manufacturer of that product uses part of the money they get for their advertising budget. One way or another, your paying for commercial TV.

If everyone could pay a fee if they want, and possibly a token one at that, how would that actually work? Sky doesn't do that, and neither does Virgin - you pay what they demand. Since you cannot block someone from picking up a TV or radio signal, how is that supposed to work for the BBC?

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB
Friday, 13 May 2016
10:48 AM

MikeB. I understand your argument, but watching commercial tv is not conditioned by having to have a License to do so. I loathe the compulsion imposed upon us by the Establishment that if you want to watch the BBC, you have to have the permit. And as now seems likely, people who can watch the BBC Iplayer on their internet devices wether they have a TV or not, will have to have a license. I will continue, along with many others to seek the abolition of this archaic intrusion into our freedom of choice.

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walter's 13 posts GB

3:11 PM


I'm afraid you don't appear to had gathered the point. To watch *any* TV live you must have a TV license. It is not dependent on whether you watch BBC only or not. If you want to watch any of the Freeview services 'live on air' then you must have the license, which is a form of permit to operate the receiving equipment. That has been the case for more than fifty years.

At last, they propose to include those who watch TV programmes via a 'catch-up' service so they will be contributing to the production and transmission costs as well.

I don't agree that it is an 'archaic intrusion into our freedom of choice' as you can choose not to watch any TV if you so wish, or you can choose to watch whatever TV services available that you wish providing you pay towards the production/transmission costs and have a suitable licence to permit you to operate the equipment in that way. It's very like having to have a Road Fund Licence for your car, you can drive it without but you are not contributing to the maintenance of the roads, etc.

If you want to watch TV, then you must pay the licence.

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MikeP's 3,056 posts GB
Sunday, 3 July 2016
8:42 PM

The BBC take all the License money, all the Freeview channels and ITV and so on get nothing - funded by advertising. I hope nobody finds this disrespectful. It's just a fact.

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Neville's 3 posts GB
Richard Cooper

9:10 PM

Neville: The BBC has a number of channels on Freeview I think you'll find? Richard, Norwich.

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Richard Cooper's 466 posts GB

11:13 PM

Neville: Its not disrepectful, but is stating the obvious with regard to ITV getting an income from advertising. And Richard is right, the BBC has BBC1, BBC2, BBC4, CBBC, Cbeebies and News 24. There are over 70 channels, so not exactly 'all'. C4 has at least 4 channels.

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB
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