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Thursday, 1 November 2012
7:15 PM

Can you tell me why I have lost the DAB
reception of LBC radio,not just on one radio but three in the postcode area of DN5 7EX,afer having no problems before.Also if i need to boost reception what can I do?

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Helen's 1 post GB flag
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Thursday, 17 December 2015
Virginia Ford
6:01 PM

Is there a reason why I have lost the DAB reception on my didital radio for BBC Radio Sussex from 16th Dec.. I have not had any problems before that. Postcode BN41 2YJ.

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Virginia Ford's 1 post GB flag
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8:32 PM

Virginia Ford: Hi, we also found we had lost BBC Radio Sussex this morning.
I did a web search and found that the transmission frequency has.changed.
I did a re-tune both automatic and manual, but found I was getting absolutely no signal from the new multiplex, 10B.
Suggest you do a re-tune, hope you have better luck than me!

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John's 3 posts US flag
Terry Avey
8:35 PM

Virginia Ford: Hi Virginia,i have also lost all DAB sussex stations they have messed up the frequencies on these DAB. BBCsussex can now only be received on FM anologue as the Whitehawk transmitter has insufficient power for DAB,its will also affect freeview over Christmas in the Brighton and Hove areas.I was assured when i phoned BBC Sussex ,that the problem would be resolved,but they have made no effort to try and solve this and looking at the updates on the Whitehawk transmitter website they say there are no problems,perhaps they dont listen to radio, instead of getting on with solving the problem or maybe the tecnology is too clever for them to understand how these transmitters work.If they ever decide to switch off anologue we wont be able to hear any radio yhe old saying goes if its not broke dont mend it.Im missing my beloved Smooth Sussex station ,instead of shifting the frequncies change all these to FM VHF long live anologue from an avid radio fan.

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Terry Avey's 2 posts GB flag
Sunday, 12 June 2016
Richard Cooper

3:19 PM

Terry Avey: Hi,Terry.If you and Virginia Ford are both trying to listen to the Sussex local DAB stations, known as the Sussex Coast local multiplex, we wonder if you have realised that this group of stations changed frequency from channel 11B to channel 10B. This should NOT mean that your DAB radios are unable to receive them, but simply that you should have carried out a retune when the changes took place. The frequency of channel 10B is 211.648 megaHertz, however, you don't have to know that unless you wanted to do a manual tune. An automatic scan - preferably a FULL SCAN should be carried out. This should result in your being able to pick up ALL stations available in the Sussex coast area which will include BBC National, Digital One, Sound Digital AND the Sussex Coast stations. What's more, Brighton is one of the cities that has a small-scale DAB trial taking place over the next 9 months and this gives you a FURTHER TEN STATIONS, and these are on Channel 9A (202.928 MHz). As I have already said above, a full rescan will give you all available channels regardless of which channels they are actually on, as long as you make sure it's a full scan, sometimes called a pan-Europe or 'whole of Band III' scan. A full scan is the opposite of a quick scan! Don't do a quick scan!!! It's not a case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it', because the frequency changes were necessary to accommodate more choice of stations on DAB radio. Hope this helps, Richard, Norwich, Sunday 12th. June at 3:15 p.m.

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Richard Cooper's 466 posts GB flag
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Sunday, 28 March 2021
Philip Thompson
1:05 PM

Hallo. Are there any plans to install an SDL multiplex on the Huntshaw Cross Mast in North Devon. When SDL started Planet Rock moved from D1 to SDL and we cannot get it anymore. We have the other multiplexes so why have they missed us out?

Regards, Phil Thompson

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Philip Thompson's 1 post GB flag

1:21 PM

Philip Thompson: SDL expanded it's coverage a couple of years ago, but no further expansion has been announced since then. As well as providing capacity for more stations to launch, part of the business model of SDL is that it broadcasts from far fewer transmitters (mainly those which cover large towns or cities, plus surrounding areas) whilst still reaching over 75% of the UK population, but at a much lower cost to broadcasters than the D1 National mux (which is broadcast from I believe over 200 transmitters).

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StevensOnln1's 3,653 posts GB flag
Tuesday, 9 April 2024
3:18 PM

My postcode is Wd3 ( herts) so I should be able to receive three counties radio but the reception is really poor

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Anonymous's 1 post GB flag
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Steve Donaldson

6:38 PM

Anonymous : To receive BBC Three Counties Radio over the air I think DAB will be your only option. The signal for the Herts Beds Bucks local multiplex, on which it is carried, is much stronger where you are:…-dab

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Steve Donaldson's 227 posts GB flag

11:29 PM

Anonymous :

THe DAB Local multiplex that carries Three Counties Radio is Block 10D: 215.072 MHz and you are within the predicted reception area, the nearest transmitters being at Hemel Hempstead and Epping Green (according to the BBC).
I would have thought you'd get good reception on FM 92.1 from Hemel Hempstead. You might also get High Wycombe on 98.0
You can listen on-line with various Radio Players and BBC Sounds, also Freeview 720.

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Chris.SE's 4,272 posts GB flag
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