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The idea - if you think about it - was that at the transmitter you did things in such a way that a thing they termed Signal, created there and just that once, was such that a veritable hoard of "potential" customer receivers would have to do the least to get the most.
One expensive Put; millions of cheap simple reliable Gets that would make an industry and .... so much more.

Since then we have learned to rate transparently creepy "financial engineering tools", once rejected on sight by every grandmother, reach into government and become accepted as reality.

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peter: Financial (")Engineering(") Tools - was deliberate.
No trace of a caste here on the real guys!

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Read this: Death by a thousand transmitters
Wednesday 21 February 2018 11:52PM

The costs recovered- conveniently for the broadcasters- fail to take account of the cost to "consumers".

This is a matter of listening quality...not always a clear win for the obvious and crucially

The Equipment cost in both power running and capitol costs - including breakdown costs and even safety

Remember to multiply by the number of receivers

On line is expensive and limited. Usually, the "online" consumer has already failed to think about their access costs, and not because they are negligible, but because they are using fashionable politically smiled upon gear.
Digital "platforms" are expensive to access; typically HOT, fault prone - even unsafe - and ludicrously complicated; and even then highly susceptible to signal problems.
" Sorry.... the radio comes on then goes off... all the time? OK switch it to FM and try moving it around (like a crystal set's cat's whisker) VERY carefully. Does that fix it ... even a bit? No?
THINKS: Then probably the over-worked PSU has (understandably) popped it's clogs again ....

Economics is great when done right. For whom is it "right" ?

This kind of thing does NOT SUPPORT the Industry/ our way of life etc etc...... that was mining arsenical coal ..

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Brian..! Thanks for all...

Re Radio Licence for Car Radios
Yes.. ummm ... couldn't actually remember getting one of those...
but then I noticed, the redoubtable GPO... no less,
had Offered the advice that you could use a Portable Radio
in your car, under the Household licence....

Ahrrr yes..

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Brian..... possibly to the rescue, or demise of all Gods,
it might be noticed that we have become blinkered to all but Bayesian thinking.

Events, dear Boy, .... Events !

Replace Bayes with Covid inspired Watch Out! ... and wachet auf, ruft uns .....

Move away from the ever increasingly fine needle craft, ...
(and that's everywhere)

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