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Mr Kentman

you keep going on about living in different worlds, I can only conclude you work for the BBC and that would explain everything.

The world is changing and especially in broadcast technology there is much choice, not all good I have to agree, however a funding model which started in the 1930's and did indeed serve the UK well up until the end of the 1980's is no longer suitable in the 21st century with hundreds of channels available.

Would you agree the quality of BBC TV output is nowhere as creative, original and innovative as it was in the 1960's to 80's?
Providing them with more channels and generous guaranteed funding of ten million pounds per day has ruined their focus and drive. It was in the era of John Burt that they decided they were no longer a public service broadcaster as such but a 'Brand' and changed their logo and corporate structure such that we now have very highly paid executives with non-job titles such as "Head of Vision".

Just as in other public services such as the Royal Mail we now have people running them who have no idea of how the organisation works from the ground up as they have little or no expereince of working on the shop floor.

They are like a great ocean liner that has lost its rudder and the captain and crew have no idea where they are. It's full steam ahead for now but sooner or later the crash will come.

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Brian, thanks for the advice, I'll ask the new owner if it can be removed or adjusted.

On a similar matter on the rear of the building there is a larger multicore cable running from property to property which at one time was used for a Rediffusion cable TV system. I believe this was in use before the local relay station was opened. I am almost certain that it is no longer used and I think it was installed around the 1960's. Although I have no need to remove it, out of interest could I legally do so as the company that run it no longer exists? Effectively has it been abandoned?

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I've no need to remove the cable, its something of a historical relic !

Although demolished now, there was until approx five years ago a receiving mast on a nearby hill with four high gain UHF antennas pointing towards Yorkshire TV Emley Moor main transmitter and this I believe was part of the cable relay system I described.

Oddly the area served is in Lancashire and part of the Granada TV service area. The fourth antenna was obviously fitted later on and was rather amateurishly clamped onto the existing frame. This I guess was added in the 1980's to pick up Channel 4 and so it would seem the system had been expanded into 625 lines and colour.

Next to the mast was a small brick building (like the proverbial type) which I expect contained the receivers and amplifiers and when near it you could hear an air extraction fan whirring away until the last occasion I was up there and it had stopped. I expect the plug was finally pulled on that. Now the site is home to a musical sculpture The Singing Ringing Tree.

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Thanks Brian that's an interesting link.

Going back to what you said about dish overhangs over neighbour's properties, I was reading about the current use of photo-voltaic panels to generate domestic electricity placed on your house roof. I wondered if there was any specific leglislation in place as by using the same principle you could utlise both your own and neighbours roof areas for sunlight capture as long as the system did not physically connect to the neighbours property.

I doubt I would be very popular if I tried this but in theory it is simply the collection of electromagnetic radiation albeit from different sources and different frequencies one with a satellite dish and the other with a PV panel. Probably the local council would have something to say as well !

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ABC-1 has stopped broadcasting
Sunday 19 February 2012 2:16PM

Calm down dears, it's only a TV channel !

Now look on the bright side, you now have more time on your hands to do something creative instead. And one less American tv channel has to be good thing, fewer opportunities to brainwash us with American cultural imperialism and dumbed-downed nonsense.

" Less of this kind of thing I say ! "

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