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Hi there, i recently purchased an amplified indoor aerial and Frieview HD box for my room.
Shortly after purchasing, i tested both of these together at my girlfriends house, they worked perfectly and i was excited to get home and try them on my own tv set.
However, when i set everything up at home (the same way as before) no such joy.
I checked the signal strength and it would peak at 91% for a few seconds and then drop down to 0% for 5 seconds before going up again, during this, the signal quality did not move, it stayed at 0%.

I originally thought this would be down to the fact the indoor aerial was not strong enough, and so i decided to buy a '2 room digital TV Distribution kit'. This came with a variable gain 2 way aerial amplifier, a 2m flatlead coax cable and 25m of coax cable (which you had to fit the connections to yourself). I duly linked all of this up with the same optimism as before, only to find i had the exact same problem. However, the living room TV was and is absolutely fine through out this endeavour. I am very frustrated as i have browsed the web for hours now, looking for a solution, but to no avail!

I hope someone can help!

Thanks in advance


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MikeB: Thanks for the feedback,

Well the reason i went for the portable aerial first was because i couldn't be bothered running a coax cable round doors, under carpets etc (just laziness really) so i bought it hoping it would do the trick!

As sods law would have it though, obviously not, so that's when i decided just to get the little kit and try it.

Yes, the HD reciever is absolutely fine, i tried it on the TV in the living room, running the aerial straight into it and it was perfect. It's only when i use the 25m cable that is connected to the splitter/amplifier box that i get the problem i mentioned, yet the TV in the living room has no problems what so ever when connected to the same amplifier, i just don't understand? I have stripped about half a meter off of each end of the cable and refitted the connectors (thinking it could just be my shoddy cable stripping) but still nothing.

I appreciate the help though!

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Dave Lindsay: Thanks very much! This was a great help! I'll try the manual tuning tomorrow night and see how i get on! My house was built in the 50's and i haven't changed the aerial that was already there when i moved in in 2002 so i have no idea how new it is or whither or not it has a variable amplifier but i'll soon find out!

Thanks again mate!

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