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Hi, we have 3 televisions, a very old black and white tv, a Panasonic Viera TX L32S20BA, we have a Humax PVC running through to the TV, a Becko of about 7 years old which we watch through a Freeview box.

I noticed that the ITV channels disappeared off the Panasonic and we had to use the Humax to view them about 2-3 weeks ago. Last week everything changed. The black and white pick up any channels but the reception is very poor, it flickers and you can hear it, but that's about all. The Becko (situated in the upstairs bedroom) is the same. It could be viewed if you managed to bypass the request to update the tv through the Freeview set top box. We have tried updating the set top box, it duly looks for the channels, finds them but then returns to the screen reminding us that we need to update our channels, we can no longer bypass this to watch the tv. Unless of course, you switch the set top off, which we did but the reception is very poor, lines appear across the screen. The Panasonic has NO SIGNAL, the screen is black with an occasional flicker. I used the Humax to watch the TV last Thursday, before making the mistake of re-scanning it and now that does not pick up any channels either. The Humax reports a signal strength of about 100% and picture quality of about 40, but this varies greatly due to flickering. I've read the posts about the perils of re-scanning. That's after following the advice in Digital TV, we have connected, disconnected, rescanned and all to no avail. Apparently there's a box in the loft (a new areal was fitted in about 6 years ago, with separate leads to each room). My husband has tried adjusting the signal strength (reading these posts suggest it's too high). We're non nonplussed, any ideas would be welcome. We are in SS16 4QS. We are not part of the digital switchover yet, although I note that the Panasonic can not find analogue channels.

We suspect the areal but why would it play up now?

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Ann Lynn:
Thank you very much for your quick response. We have now tried a manual scan on Channels 59 and 24 on the Panasonic. On channel 59 the TV indicates a signal quality of 100% the quality is static and appears to be about 10%. It finds the BBC Channels but only for a couple of seconds before they disappear. The same applies to channel 24 but the signal quality fluctuates to between 80-90%.

When the TV was hooked up to the Humax the signal strength is 100%, the quality is 40% but it flickers up to 100%. It has found the BBC channels but the menu froze. The PEG has been updated, after a fashion, some of the channels have moved up to 800 but many of them are missing, a trend that I have noticed over the past few weeks. I've also noticed, when the Panasonic is switched to analogue there is no signal. It only recognizes dvb. However the TV picture records no or bad signal. The TV pictures appear to be scrambled. I'm afraid it didn't work. Do you think will we need to purchase a satellite dish or have the aerial adjusted to get this working? Your advice is greatly received.

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Hi thanks for getting back to me. I had no joy in trying to re-tune the Panasonic. I then tried it through the Humax, attempts to manual tune through channels 41 and 44 were met with an abrupt 'no channels found'. I noticed that with the auto scan on the Panasonic that Itv is back into channel 3, although there's no signal to view it.

When I tried the 800 channels through the Humax the signal check gave the response 'unknown'. ditto for BBC 1 which is back on Channel number 1. ITV 1 which is now 800 is unable to find also says 'unknown'. I've tried manual re-tuning through a number of stations but there's been no improvement. That's also the same for the other TVs in the house. Something seems to be scrambling the signal, don't know what or where but I suppose we'll have to do without a TV for a while, or may be invest in Freesat and see if that improves things. Thanks for your help.

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It looks like we shall have to grin and bear it until we get an alternative. Thank you for your time and help. It is greatly appreciated.

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Thank you very much for your advice. We tried this and we are now able to access a load of channels. BBC 1 has a poor signal and I don't know where ITV 1 has gone, ITV 2 etc can't be accessed but we have a brilliant picture on BBC 2 and Film 4 but to name but a few. It sounds as if there's a problem with the amp but also we are experiencing signal problems, apparently there's maintenance going on at the Bluebell Hill sight. Thank you for your advice.

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