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how does sky render the recording facilities useless if you stop subscribing?

This practice of rendering the recording facilities useless should be dealt with by OFCOM?
If you went into a shop and bought a DVD Recorder or anything else that records and r=the retailer said "You have to pay me £10 per month to use the recording facilities" Most of you would think he was taking the P--s
Is there some way of bypassing whatever method they use to stop you recording just because you don't subscribe because it is wrong!

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I would like to see everyone stop subscribing to sky TV and stand up to this corporation.
It is an absolute disgrace what they are charging people.
The Pub Licencing Trade are having to use Italian Sky because the UK Government refuse to address it. UK Citizens are in debt and the likes of this is adding to it.

They charge a fortune to watch TV and even charge a fortune if you put more than one Sky box in any room of your house.
The subscriptions can easily top £1000 per year per household.

They even charge a subscription to record TV Programs.

BskyB call pirates Criminals and prosecute these people.
What the hell are they?

Why can't people see it.
The UK Government will never address it.
Rupert Murdoch owns much of the Media and the only way to get all these problems addressed is for everyone to stop subscribing to it!

Look at the money wasted in producing Plastic Cards that are designed to stop you watching TV unless you pay a fortune.
It's just unbelievable?

People have signed petitions - The pub licenseing Trade have taken their case to Europe - The UK Government have done reviews and years down the line people are still being ripped off,

There are too many channels - many of which are low quality all in on this pay £1 per month extra on top of your subscriptions all getting paid out of this vast pool of Money and i cannot understand why people cannot see it. All that should be charged for are the movie channels and live sports - the rest should be free - and if these channels can't fund themselves - then they should drop out. CBS are living proof that they can support themselves and i admire this channel

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I notice people on here are too scared to say what they think about Sky TV over charging. This is the problem with the British Public. That is why you all get walked over.
In answer to Pete - You have as much chance of seeing those programs as i have of winning Euro Millions.

No you have to pay Sky around £10-00 per month to watch recorded programs.

It annoys me.

If you went into a shop to buy EXAMPLE: A video Recorder and the shop keeper said "You also have to pay me £10-00 per month to record programs on it - most of you would tell him what to do with his video recorder.

Yet Sky TV do this - They charge you around £10 per month to record programs of the TV.

We have UK Government, OFCOM etc that are all on big salaries that have for years allowed BskyB to get away with all this.

OFCOM are useless

The UK Government were going to get rid of these regulatory bodies - yet they are still in office doing nothing about it

The pub licencing trade took their case to Europe over Sky Subscriptions and got nowhere.

Pub landlords have been fined by FACT acting on behalf of BskyB for finding ways around these subscriptions.

People are having to pay for Sky TV in the pubs when they buy meals or drinks so the landlords can afford to pay BskyB.

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Excellent i admire piracy in this case.

I would love to be able to pirate a Sky Box and anyone that does it has my total admiration after what i see this company charging!
Over £1000 per year for a householder to watch TV is rediculous. Much worse for pubs.

Rupert Murdoch is an old man - what is he going to do with all his power and money when he departs from the world - just like everyone else.
If it was me i would be out there helping people

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Well said Terrance.
Les Nichol - I never realised there was not a final decision by Europe - But you can bet your life it will be all in favour of BskyB!

There was a case of a Landlord in Wales fined by F.A.C.T on behalf of BskyB and others.
The publican Magazine complained to Europe ages ago

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Hi Richard,
I also wrote to the Irish Government about BskyB overcharging and i received a reply from think a Minister Ryan - but nothing was ever done about it!

I also sent the same to the UK and Manx Government. No one will do anything to address it.

BskyB should not be allowed to be doing this!

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I just received this as i went back into my email about a Rupert Murdoch Petition - i have just signed it if anyone is interested.

Avaaz - Last hours to stop Murdoch's UK media takeover

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Please sign the petition above where i put the link

Avaaz - Last hours to stop Murdoch's UK media takeover

They only have a couple of days to go and need your help in getting the message across to the Government about Sky TV

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Hi Paul, I must admit you do loose reception when it rains.

Hi Richard, It has probably been already hacked :)

The truth is the UK People are being overcharged for everything and this example is one of many.
It is rediculous that pub landlords have to go Italian Sky because the UK Government won't address it.

Europe is full of Corruption FIFA is a very good example of that.

What suprises me is - Elderly people being involved in it!
What for?
They can't take their wealth with them?

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to be fair to Sky TV - I can understand them charging for Sky Box Office - The Movie Channels and Live Sports. This makes total sense to me as this service is expensive to run.

The problem is the platform itself.
There are too many low grade channels and the subscriptions are rediculously expensive.

Channels such as E Entertainment, Sky1 Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, Universal SyFy and a whole lot of others should be free.

Other Channels like Dave etc are free on Freeview but Sky TV will not allow these channels to broadcast freely.

Nearly all of these channels receive revenue from advertising and only screen repeats.

Some channels are absolute rubbish - but you all have to pay for them in very high subscriptions collectively.

Basically who wants to pay hundreds of pounds per year to watch channels like E Entertainment full of LA gossip and spoilt kids going to parties and sleeping around. Or the likes of Girls of the Playboy Mansion.
Channels like this would not survive 5 minutes without these subscriptions because they are total rubbish.

Apart from Sky Box Office, Live Sports and the Movie Channels all other channels on Sky TV should be free should be made to stand on their own two feet - and if they go under - it is their fault for the program content.

This would clean up Sky's Platform and allow higher quality channels to survive on advertising revenue instead of the UK public being robbed to support the entire platform

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