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to be fair to Sky TV - I can understand them charging for Sky Box Office - The Movie Channels and Live Sports. This makes total sense to me as this service is expensive to run.

The problem is the platform itself.
There are too many low grade channels and the subscriptions are rediculously expensive.

Channels such as E Entertainment, Sky1 Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, Universal SyFy and a whole lot of others should be free.

Other Channels like Dave etc are free on Freeview but Sky TV will not allow these channels to broadcast freely.

Nearly all of these channels receive revenue from advertising and only screen repeats.

Some channels are absolute rubbish - but you all have to pay for them in very high subscriptions collectively.

Basically who wants to pay hundreds of pounds per year to watch channels like E Entertainment full of LA gossip and spoilt kids going to parties and sleeping around. Or the likes of Girls of the Playboy Mansion.
Channels like this would not survive 5 minutes without these subscriptions because they are total rubbish.

Apart from Sky Box Office, Live Sports and the Movie Channels all other channels on Sky TV should be free should be made to stand on their own two feet - and if they go under - it is their fault for the program content.

This would clean up Sky's Platform and allow higher quality channels to survive on advertising revenue instead of the UK public being robbed to support the entire platform

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Hi Ijaz.

I think you can just swap the box over for a HD version. You are right - you can't record anything without a subscription, even if you have saved recordings on a Sky + box you can't access them once you stop paying sky.
That in itself is a big con - it is rediculous!

Just as bad as Sky TV- The UK have OFCOM who are useless and are a waste of Tax Payers money as they are paid to regulate all this and do nothing!

If you look at it right - not only do UK Citizens have to pay these rediculous subscriptions to Sky TV. You also have the Telecom's Industry swamped with Premium rate Telephone numbers adding heavy costs to people's Telephone bills.

The pornography Channels you see on TV are advertising services at £1-50 to £3-00 per minute in phone calls or texts.
In the UK you have advertising on TV and charging the following.


Dear Sir,

Why are you charging UK Citizens £1.29 Per Minute and a 59P connection Charge for Directory Enquiries?

£1.86 per minute and a £2.00 connection charge for International Directory Enquiries?

£1-20 plus network charges to ask you a damn question about your own products?

Plus many other charges just like this!

No wonder you can afford to sponsor programs and advertise this on TV!

This is the biggest con i have ever come across in my life and OFTEL now under the Control of OFCOM should be doing something about this?

In the past the operator service was totally free as part of the Telephone Service?

Not only do we have the likes of companies such as yours cashing in on this legislation - The Telecoms industry is swamped with Premium rate numbers and the Internet is Swamped with Premium rate Dialers.
Satellite TV is promoting Pornography and Children are being exposed to it.

This area of the Telecoms Industry should be investigated as a matter of urgency as it is a disgrace.

It does not affect me as i don't live in the UK and if i did i would never pay the likes of you!"


I tried to contact OFCOM who have taken over the role of OFTEL and it is hard to email them! You have to write to them and i can't be bothered!

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I manually tuned in RTE1 and RTE2 and it comes up with a list of Programs what's on now and next. Is there away of receiving these channels. I am not sure why they don't come through - but the text seems to work?

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I had no Idea that Sky were connected with RTE - no wonder i can't receive them.

Charging the Irish people 300 Euros is rediculous

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ps, love the posting by Helen - She wants a medal for that - well said

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Here is a cheerful link from Avaaz. I admire these people - at least they get out there and fight BskyB instead of being ripped off by them! See: People in the UK and Ireland should not have to pay these rediculous subscriptions - nor should the pub licenceing trade. People are addicted to TV and sadly these prices are adding to people's debts!

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As well as Rupert Murdoch's Phone hacking scandal they now want to investigate why BskyB is blocking many commercial TV companies from broadcasting for free.
Unless you pay a fortune and have a plastic card - you can't watch most of the channels.
OFCOM are a waste of time and should be disbanded along with the so called competitions commission - they are useless

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I have just sent this email to TCM
Turner Movies to all their email addresses world wide New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, USA, The Press Office, ASia and the UK that reads as follows:


Dear Sir,

Can you please explain to me why i have to pay over £300 per year to Rupert Murdoch's BskyB organisation to watch:

Channel 317 TCM
Channel 318 TCM2
Channel 601 Cartoon Network
Channel 602 CNN2
Channel 603 Boomerang

Why do you allow this organisation to encrypt your channels whilst you receive revenue from advertising?

There are millions of ordinary families in the UK that are affected by this?

Your Company has allowed this to continue for many years and it is time that you addressed it!
These channels should be free to view!



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Here is a copy of OFCOM's Email to myself. regarding BskyB not allowing free channels to broadcast on Satellite unless you pay them around £300 per year

(I will leave his name out)

I write with reference to your most recent correspondence regarding Sky TV.

I understand that you have received responses from a number of Ofcom representatives outlining our position on the matter. Whilst we have noted your objection and most recent comments, you do not appear to raise any further issues.

Yours sincerely

I wrote back the following:
Since i last wrote i have changed my computer because of a major failure so i lost the correspondence regarding OFCOMS position with BskyB.

The point is BskyB are stopping free to view chanels from broadcasting on their platform.

UKTV wrote to me to say that channels such Dave etc were free on freeview but they could not broadcast free on Sky and that it was not their fault?

Why is OFCOM allowing BskyB to get away with it?

This is just as corrupt as the phone hacking scandal!

They are holding both the UK public and the Pub licenceing trade to ransome!

The pub licencing trade had to take the case to Europe because OFCOM are failing to address these issues!
Many pubs have to connect to Sky via Italian Sky because of these prices set by BskyB in the UK?

I can't understand why you are being paid by the UK Taxpayers to regulate the likes of this and do absolutely nothing about it?

Why are people being overcharged - some subscriptions top over £1000 per year to an ordinary householder.
Sky charge to record programs via their satellite boxes.
It is rediculous



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