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Just checked with my neighbour this afternoon and he has all the channels no problem. We have the same aerials, same high quality coax, both aerials in our lofts about 6ft apart. Only difference is our amplifiers. He has a plug in diistribution amp at back of telly, I have a masthead amp. I will try taking out the amp. Still stumped as the problems started a while after the switchover.

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Just noticed the Comparison of analogue and digital signal levels section. According to that C51 and C52 (which have all the channels I'm now missing)were on Mux B and Mux A with 10 and 20 KW before switchover. They are now on ARQB and SDN which are only 5kw! No wonder I've lost them, my signal is even weaker than before. Need to check what gain my neighbours amp is, hopefully more than mine which would make sense as to whys he's OK.

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I bypassed the masthead amp yesterday with the aerial only going to one telly, and DVD Video etc all switched off. Good channels saw signal strength drop from 90 to 50%, but channels from weaker muxs did not even appear after a rescan.

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Durris (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) Full Freeview transmitter | f
Wednesday 26 January 2011 2:14PM

Briantist, Yes my aerial is wideband. My setup was perfect up to the switchover and only started getting bad once the wetaher got worse. As I said earlier I tried removing my amp but no use as C51 and 52 channels not even picked up. The only difference between my neighbours and my setup was the amps. I checked his expecting it to be stronger which would explain why he was OK and I'm not. However his had less gain than mine. Then thought mine was too strong, and with the C51 and 52 now being weaker output, thought noise was killing them. So got a Labgear variable gain amp so I could reduce the gain. This didn't help with signal strength still under 50% for C51 and 52 programmes and quality going up and down between 0 and 100%. (Actually best with gain increased). Back to what's different between neighbour and me. My aerial was low in the loft to avoid pointing at the chimney between me and next door, so moved it up and down to get best signal. Turns out lifting it up only 1.5ft was best resulting in strength going from 48 to 65% for C51 and 52 programmes with quality 100% all the time. Result. Bottom line is that people have lost these channels as their output is weaker since Sept, which as you say will be sorted in June is willing to wait.


P.S I am going to hang onto teh Labgear 4 way amp anyway. I had a 10 year old Fringe outdoor 4 which has crap connections, higher noise, and probably not screened.

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