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My local transmitter is Winter Hill: a new aerial was put in the loft about 6 months agho, when I was told the signal was OK.
At Christmas we supplemented our Freeview TV with new gadgets, and this is how the system is now set up.
The sound from the new Digital Stream HD Freeview PVR is hooked up to the new Home Cinema System, and the the existing Freeview TV is used simply as a monitor, connected to the PVR via a HDMI cable. The RF feed has been going only to the PVR.
Since Christmas the reception from various channels has steadily worsened, until some of the channels generated a "No Signal" display on the TV screen.

Last week, after finding your site, I managed to find the signal strengths, and details for the main multiplexes (and the channel tested) are as follows:
PSB1 (BBC1) 67% Ch62 Q: 46-77%
PSB2 (ITV1) 68% Ch59 Q: 2%
PSB3 (ITV3) 67% Ch58 Q: 0%
COM4 (Dave) 61% Ch61 Q: 15%
COM5 (Yesterday) 60% Ch55 Q: 0%
COM6 (HD) 0% - Q: 0% -

As you suggested, I retuned the PVR before contacting you - and some of the multiplexes disappeared altogether! The list now looks like this:
PSB1 (BBC1) 66% Ch62 Q: 73-79%
PSB2 (ITV1) 65% Ch59 Q: 2%
PSB3 (ITV3) not present
COM4 (Dave) 61% Ch61 Q: 22-29%
COM5 (Yesterday) not present
COM6 (HD) not present

All channels are still available without problem on the TV when connected directly to a RF aerial feed, even when passed through the PVR. However, when the TV is playing a channel from the PSB2 multiplex (the only one left where this effect occurs) via the RF feed and the PVR is set to the same channel, the quality of the picture and sound deteriorate rapidly.

One option you suggest is to change the RF output channel: I cannot find how to access this on the Digital Stream; but would this also affect the signal through the HFMI output?

Please help! Thank you.

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