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Full technical details of Freeview
Thursday 25 September 2014 2:12PM

I've lost track of where I posted the message but just thought I'd give some feedback on the B34 area problem.

The signal levels on 666Mhz have now gone up (for the last few days) and we are getting 48-52% - a bit wobbly compared to the other bands and very occasional small dropouts - this is not better than before the last retune
but it is much better than it was and it is watchable now.

I hope the castle vale problem reported at the same time is improved.
Thank god I've lost the temptation to keep messing with the aerial and stuff every time it goes t**s up

(Thats a tip by the way folks - don't always assume it's your problem)

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There is so much wrong with UK TV now it's impossible to know where
to start.

The best bet would be to scrap ofcom (the enablers) and close down all
channels and start again with just 5 channels plus a couple of movie

Seriously do we need 4 channels broadcasting the same program at the same time then repeated 5 times a week ? The power wasted would solve
global warming at a stroke.

NEWSFLASH for broadcasters: Repeating a program on a different frequency
does NOT make it "NEW"

Its not as if you can watch a program with all the text crap and logos they keep
putting all over the programs. I have a MENU button - STOP IT.
The BBC is the worst every time amusic video comes on some inane half-wit
scribbles rubbish all over it.

As for the movie-mix channel logo - the entire channel is unwatchable.

And then there are the adverts. I recorded a harry potter documentary for the kids and the thing has 6 advert breaks in it. 6 !

And all this before you even think about unreliable set top boxes - appaling signal quality variations and an aerial the size of a planet stuck on a pole on the roof. And we dont even live out in the sticks.

I have to agree about the audio comments too - its ridiculously inept.

Once upon a time TV was a relaxing entertainment.

Now its just too much annoying hard work to be bothered with.

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