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Kurt - It is likely that your DAB aerial is the guilty party when plugged into the triplexer - as you say, the problem ceases when the DAB aerial is unplugged.
If the DAB aerial is a half wave dipole then each leg will be a quarter wavelength at around 220Mhz and therefore will represent a full wavelength at around 800+Mhz.
That's going to pull some 4G signals down the cable and through your system with the results that you describe and will certainly need a good filter to keep the noise out of the TV system.
As DAB aerials are vertically polarised and so are 4G signals this will cause more grief than the FM aerial (which are normally horizontally polarised).

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4G test signals areas listed by the BBC | 4G-at-800
Tuesday 26 March 2013 6:15PM

T Clarkson. Are your neighbours getting the same problems? The faults you mention should have nothing to do with 4G mobile phone signals as the current tests are only in the West Midlands I believe.
You don't say how far you are from the TV transmitter and I am wondering whether the booster is actually needed, as boosters can cause too much signal to enter your TV set and give similar faults as not enough signal so ask your neighbours if they're having problems.
If you access the TV's menu system you can check both signal strength and more importantly signal quality. TV's operate well on a poor to medium signal strength as long as signal quality is good to very good. Check the TV's user manual to check how to find the signal check option.

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Here's a thought, and a question for Brian.

If 4G mobile signals can disrupt TV programmes on channel 60 then is it possible that 4G signals can be disrupted themselves by the channel 60 TV transmissions?
After all, Tv signals are more powerful and adjacent channel interference can work both ways.

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John Jacobs question. Since the set in the other room is OK then that rules out transmitter problems.
Have you checked the aerial connection behind the set to see if it's the source of the problem and then plug in the other set on the same aerial to see if it's your main TV that's at fault.
If the second Tv works Ok on that main aerial then it's likely that you main TV set is at fault.

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Philip Smith. Ask your neighbours if they're having the same problems - if not then that would rule out a transmitter fault. Then if needed check your aerial and downlead/connectors to see if there's a fault there. Make sure everything is plugged in OK.
You can check 4G issues at at800 | 4G Interference | 4G Filters | Let's be clear at 800 Mhz - a website set up to deal with 4G issues.

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