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Analogue radio on 92.0MHz
Friday 5 March 2021 8:23PM

Thanks StevensOnln1, I appreciate your communication. This is very helpful, We will do some further investigation.

A couple of questions, if you don't mind as you are very pleasant to deal with.

How did the information get posted here in the first place?

Are you able to make the changes we require StevensOnln1?

AK, I'm sorry that is causing you some obvious distress so I have changed the address for you to
I've removed my sir name so we can work on a first name basis A.

I look forward to your response StevensOnln1 about how information gets placed on this website in the first place.

Best regards,


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Analogue radio on 92.0MHz
Saturday 6 March 2021 12:04AM

Thanks StevensOnln1, really very much appreciate your help. I have found this page for Brian, is managed by Brian Butterworth | free and easy

and also see that he is still very active on Twitter with this site

JavaScript is not available.

As he has posted some information on his Twitter to encourage his followers to come to this site, so I think you are right in that he is still the owner and maintainer. So in this case, I am sure Brian has been following this thread as he has recently posted.
In which case,

Dear Brian Butterworth, it would be very much appreciated if you would change the information on your website as there are a couple of Technical Issues that may cause your website users and our listeners and other technical operators some problems or even concerns and distress.

At the top of this page it states for users on the 92 FM Waveband

Lutterworth - Magna Park (Warwickshire, England)

Can you please change this to : -

Lutterworth - Magna Park (Leicestershire, England)

and the co-ordinates on the map are way out of our Ofcom licenced coverage area which could cause concern and alarm to other Ofcom community radio station operators for Rugby and Daventry and it is unfair to upset their volunteers through no fault of our own and because of a pin being placed in a map in the wrong place.

The correct co-ordinates for our transmission site are : -

National Grid : SP 514 856
Google Map : 52.468285469034825, -1.2393101587660422

I don't see how this website is able to effectively report if our transmission has a fault if you do not actually have the correct information available to you and this is a diservice to your website users whom are obviously 'techy' people from their interest in broadcasting and I believe they should be furnished with the correct information.

If you can make these changes for Cross Counties Radio within the next 7 days, this will certainly place this issue to bed. Thank you Brian in advanced for your assistance and I look forward to moving on.

Best regards, Dave

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Analogue radio on 92.0MHz
Sunday 7 March 2021 2:56AM

Many thanks Mark for the extra info about the BBC feed. Hopefully Brian will be in touch either here or through the various official Cross Counties routes that he will be aware of and can help us understand where the [Analogue radio on 92.0MHz] details on this page are being pulled from if they were not manually written on this page by himself as the owner of this domain.

Your info about the BBC is very useful, if this information about 92 FM is being relayed from elsewhere then it is really important to us at Cross Counties Radio that we find where that source is. Our Engineering Director is also keen to find out more and looks forward to hearing from Brian within the next few days.

Lets see how the week unfolds. Best regards, Dave :)

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