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MICHAEL: Here in NE Derby DE21 4PX (Chaddesden/Oakwood area) we have also lost a lot of channels on all TVs/digiboxes, 'no signal' - have retuned both digiboxes and now it's telling us that strongest signal is from Cambs & Beds, then E Anglia, then London, and only fourthly East Midlands (which is the one I want - Waltham transmitter I think). East Midlands keeps cutting out to 'no signal' on many channels - all the ones I want to watch for local news etc. I was just about to ring a TV aerial chap because I thought pigeons had moved my (chimney stack mounted) aerial, then by going online I have found problems and remedial works going on with transmitters that affect my and many other areas. Why on earth are these not given more publicity in the areas they affect. We often used to get our 'local' news from your area, Hull and Humberside, before we got separate digiboxes and attached them to the so-called 'digital' TVs. Hope yours gets sorted soon.

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DE21 4PX 'No signal'
Main TV used with Techwood freeview box. Philips TV supposed to be digital but since digital switchover has never worked as digital without separate freeview box attached. Signal booster in lounge also supplies other TVs in house, none of these are picking up freeview signals at all except the BBC, very pixellated and noises, and its radio channels. Did all the usual checks, wiped channels and installed as first time installation, changed fuse in signal booster, now think I may have to have that checked plus aerial connections checked, and splitter in loft. Second time in 4 months. Normally use Waltham transmitter in order to get local news (East Midlands) as it is so annoying to get the wrong area's news. May pick up from Sutton Coldfield as well. The Derby light transmitter is no use to me even though I live in suburb of Derby (Oakwood end of Chaddesden) due to the lie of the land (hills) in between. Any suggestions please before I spend next week's pension on a professional? Already had plumber and window repairer in and no cash left!! In debt! No probs before the switchover. Plenty after.

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MikeB: Thank you very much that is helpful.

However there is no chance of me getting into loft - I have enough trouble getting in the bath ha ha, and I have no-one able-bodied to do it for me, so professional TV reception engineer/aerial person it will have to be. I will however now be aware it is more likely to be a new lead needed or a new splitter and won't get talked into a new aerial!!

I think the splitter is in the loft, don't know if that is powered, aerial is on chimney stack on roof. I do not understand the route or 'circuitry' of the booster in lounge, but all I know is, if it was switched off at plug, you could get no freeview except v poor signal on any other TV in house.

I did what you suggested re trying to get channels installed without booster but it was a no go. I am beginning to wonder if booster itself is so old it's needing replacement. Or splitter.

Anyway thanks for your time, forewarned is forearmed and I know what to expect, thanks again.

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Freeview reception has changed? | Freeview Interference
Tuesday 19 August 2014 11:14PM

Chrissy: Well this morning I retuned again and all my channels are back!! So was it atmospherics or what? Very weird.

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Derby (Derby, England) Freeview Light transmitter
Saturday 27 December 2014 10:47PM

Since 5.30am today (27.12.14), have no signal for most channels. Usually get good reception on all through a signal booster in lounge, 4 way splitter is in loft, aerial on chimney stack on roof. All TVs in house affected, the only channels available are those from multiplex COM4. Usual checks/retunes/deletion of all channels and another first time installation done. Still no channels except those from MUX COM4. Waltham and Sutton Coldfield transmitters are both a long way away but are our nearest proper transmitters and give a full selection of channels normally. House halfway up a hill in a sort of geological 'basin'. Snowfall last night when BBC2 was pixellating somewhat (unusual) checked aerial and cables - no damage) weather bright today with clear skies, snow on ground. Tonight TV reception still the same, no improvement. Four mobile phone aerials are in close proximity to house - does anyone know if these have been switched to boost 4G signal today?? As apparently this can block TV signal boosters. I have contacted "at800" but of course no-one there and they take ten working days to come and supply a 'filter' - hope this works if that's the cause. But I am annoyed at having my festive season's viewing disrupted when I have plenty of spare time to be a couch potato at the moment. If today was the big 4G boost at mobile phone masts, then what a mean time to do this to poor pensioners and others who cant afford sky or virginmedia and are dependent on Freeview! But the people who got a 4G mobile phone in their stocking are happy! Has anyone else had problems in my area? Tried everything, will try again tomorrow. Just hope "at800" can send someone and don't just send a device for me to install, as I can't as I have arthritis and am having a hand op very soon, was looking forward to convalescing watching TV!

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