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Hi All
I like others who have posted here in the last couple of days am having the same problems with missing channels.

I phoned the digital TV help line today and I was told there have been many calls about lost channels after the Waltham retune the other day. I was also told that the problem should be fixed by 6pm this evening. It's now 7:45 and still no channels.

This reminds me of problems a couple of years ago when they did a retune and some of my older Digi Boxes would not work so I had to replace them.

Can anyone answer this for me. I have 2x Panasonic TV's Less that 9 months old that have retuned OK and I have signal strength on the ITV (Channel 3)of 10 and the quality of signal is 9.

I have a slightly older Samsung TV (2 Years) which will not find ITV and other channels. I have even taken the Samsung and plugged it into the aerial point of the working Panasonic.

I also have 3x other set top boxes and none of thes will find ITV and the missing channels.

Why are my Panasonic TV's Working and the others are not?

Does this mean we will have to go out and replace our equipment again?

Steve C

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Re My Previous Post above: Friday 15 April 2011 8:02PM

I have found a cure for my problem. I hope this might help others.

My Setup is Wide Band Aerial into a Video/Hard Drive Recorder then out to a distrubution amplifier that feed all the rooms in the house with the aerial signal.

The Video/Hard Drive Recorder has an RF output. I use this machine to record CCTV images and it also allows us to see the cameras on all the TV's in the house.

Now I remember from days gone by that Video Recorders in this area used Channel 31 via the RF lead to the TV to get a clean interferance free picture.

I turned this off and hay presto a retune has found the missing channels. Turn it back on and the TV picture has pixalation problems.

Why it did not effect my Panasonic TV's and it only effected some of my equipment I do not know?

This has cured my problems I have just retuned the modulator of the Video/Hard Drive Recorder to a free analoge channel.

So If your were having problem like me take the aerial coming into the building straight into the TV and try a Retune.

Good Luck

Steve C

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