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Can anyone please help. We recently inherited a TV with a built in DTV module that picks up the D3&4, SDN, and arqa multiplexes fine. But I cannot get it to find the BBCA multiplex for the life of me.
I have tried to manually enter the frequency of 785.8 in the transponder list but it won't save (might require the stream id and network)
The TV in question is fed from a new aerial that works perfectly fine on our other 2 spSamsung TVs.
What step shall I take next? A filter? A booster?
Very frustrating as I can't find the answers anywhere online.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
(I am picking up a strong signal from Beacon Hill transmitter)

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Beacon Hill (Torbay, England) Full Freeview transmitter
Friday 3 November 2017 6:34PM

Hi Mike, thanks so much for the reply.
The Tv is a 2007 BeoVision7 (9334 MK30 with a Module V fitted when purchased.
The postcode is TQ14 9SG with a horizontal roof mounted aerial picking up Beacon Hill.
Info on the MK3 is fairly limited but I found a good link regarding the module at
Beovision 6-26 DVB-T tuner can't find BBC channels -
but hit a wall when the TV would not save the frequency as instructed.
The signal for D3&4 is Quality 70%/ Strength 62% on E4
ArqB is 73%/ 48% on 4Seven
SDN drops signal with 60%/ 50% on CITV
ArqA comes and goes.
BBCA nothing
BBCB/ com7&8 doubt this set does HD?

My gut feeling is the module being outdated, my next port of call with the zero knowledge I have on these things would of been a filter then amplifier I guess. The only other thing is the aerial feed has an external splitter with 2 outlets, one of which has an additional T splitter. It's not ideal but the house is badly designed with not many other options for direct feeds.

Aerial--- Outdoor 2 way splitter---Upstairs TV (10M)
---T splitter---Samsung TV (10M)
---B&O TV (5M)

Hope that all makes sense, can't think of any other info.

Thanks again for your time in looking into this. Always a pleasure to see communities like this supported by people such as yourself.

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Stop the press. I hope I didn't waste too much of your time, but I happened to stumble across the solution via the link I posted. I had inadvertently been entering the frequency without the correct decimalisation.
Eg. 785.8 = 785800 @ 8 Mhz. It's obvious now I look at it, but it hadn't twigged when I first read it as the B&O operating system is new to me and counter intuitive.
It's all a foreign language to me so I'm pretty amazed I managed to break the DaVinci code.
Phew, now my wife can watch rubbish on all those other channels ;)

Thanks again for taking your time to answer MikeP. Have a good weekend.

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Thanks Mike.
Although very grateful that we inherited this beauty of a TV (phenomenal sound!), the MK3 unfortunately only has Scart connections and no HDMI.
The MK5 is the Holy Grail of this range as you could certainly open up the full potential of B&O's panel.
Funnily enough 'Scart only' receivers are thin on the ground now, but I may keep an eye open in the future as it may enable a few more features.
Meanwhile my wife is very happy that she can finally use the lovely set that was handed down to her.
Thanks again.

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Agreed. I am more than happy with my Samsung 40" that the kids & I use for gaming and enjoy the benefits that come with a new panel for shows like BP2. I've only ever switched between Samsung and Panasonic (both great products but luck of the draw with the panels these days) for myself as there is no way on this big Blue Planet that I'd ever afford a new B&O set. Just walking in their store bought me out in a rash! The price my wifes Aunt paid at new is simply eye watering for a 32".

OLED is a pipe dream for future upgrades. I'd better get saving now. Especially with 4K gaming/ movies now.

Thanks for the heads up on the Humax, I will go down that route if the Mrs ever wants iPlayer etc in the lounge. But she seems content with the usual stable of freeview channels which is handy.

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