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Winter Hill (Bolton, England) transmitter
Saturday 29 February 2020 1:38PM

It may be helpful if the information presented was explained better and better presented.

Customers need to know that the UHF band is divided up into a series of channels. The more technical may wish to know that the channels are 8MHz wide.

They need to know that the channels are numbered and that a particular transmitter site will broadcast several TV transmitter signals each on its own channel and that typically, a transmitter site will transmit on three or more channels.

They need to know that, in order to receive the full range of TV available from a particular transmitter, they will need to have a antenna capable of receiving all the UHF Channel Numbers the transmitter uses. They need to know that antennas are classified by their capability of receiving a group of UHF channels Group A, B, C/D, W/T whatever and they need to know what antenna group their antenna needs to be capable of.

This suggests that for a particular transmitter the information supplied should be:

Transmitter Name:

UHF Channel Numbers used:

Antenna Group Necessary:

Then they need to know that each UHF Channel Number is used to transmit a digital signal containing a multitude of Freeview TV Channels which their TV set can decode and display. They need to know that the Freeview channel number is different from the UHF Channel Number over which they are transmitted and that it is the Freeview channel number that is displayed on their TV program guide.

This suggests that for each UHF Channel Number that a particular transmitter site transmits on should be followed by a list of Freeview TV Channel Numbers contain in that UHF Channel transmission and available for their TV set to decode.


Winter Hill UHF Channel No XX contains Freeview TV Channel Number 01, 03, 33, 45, .........60 etc

Winter Hill UHF Channel No YY contains Freeview TV Channel Numbers 05, 06, 08, 52, ........58 etc

and so on.

After that, viewers need to know what tv service is contained on each Freeview TV Channel Number

I do think the industry and professionals need information such as multiplexer type and compression method etc but mixing that with consumer/viewer information is confusing for them and the information is only really of use to equipment manufacturers who will have different sources.

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