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That isn't on the list, John. The models affected seem to be a few years old.

So no, you're stuck with it.

But do join me in writing to Panasonic UK to tell them their EPG sucks and they'll get no more business from you till they junk Guide Plus.

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Changes to UK Free TV | Blogs
Sunday 27 February 2011 5:53PM

I agree with everything Michael said. I love the idea of putting Luddite trolls in a sealed room where they can fulminate about DAB or global warming...

But I'm sure you could free up far more time and help a lot more people if the site was redesigned. Rarely has a site had so much unique, top quality content that is so hard to find.

Channelling visitors to FAQ before (and after) they ask questions, as many merchant sites' Contact Us / customer service pages do would help reduce duplication.

And may make it clearer to new visitors where they need to post.

I find even simple vBulletin style forums like AVForums or Digital Spy far easier to navigate. I find the 'From Latest Comments' panel more frustrating than enticing (especially on the e-mail updates) as it often contains just a baffling few words like:
Briantist Mr g collins Please can you;
Briantist michael Can you explain a bit;
Nick T Yes I suppose you can count no;
Mr g collins I have a problem with; etc

That said, it is a helluva site for one person to have created. The info is the most informed and accurate of any such forum and I hope it will go from strength to strength.

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Changes to UK Free TV | Blogs
Wednesday 2 March 2011 1:17AM

People ask for 'digital aerials' because so many people say they sell 'Digital Aerials'.

And some of them are major manufacturers! In the past I've seen their sites / brochures explain that a 'digital aerial' is one with a balun!

Must dash. I've got to go and fit a BSB Squarial for someone's DAB...

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Fascinating. Them thar hills can really cause some huge blind spots. Some main stations only seem to serve a fraction of the 360 degrees around them. (Though doubtless that's intentional in some cases).

Nice to compare these figures with the reception predictor at Digital UK - When do I switch?

In the box on the right, ensure you tick the tiny box "I am in the aerial installation trade". Enter the postcode for anywhere you're interested in - not just your home.

The tables show detailed estimates of your chances of seeing distant tx / neighbouring TV regions, now and at the various stages of switchover.

I still have hopes of seeing Moel-Y Parc and Emley Moor here in Granadaland.

Hover your mouse over the column headings for definitions of reception quality.

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All is clear now I've read the interleaved frequencies explanation (at Local digital TV or a 7th multiplex coming soon? | - independent free digital TV advice ).

It might be good to have OFCOM's national map of them reproduced big enough to appreciate. Perhaps on this page?

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With relation to Andrew's wife's unfortunate experience: My doc once told me the only time you should become a pushy demanding patient who insists on seeing the top consultant is when you break something.

Orthopaedics is one area where it's best to get it right first time.

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Winter Hill (Bolton, England) transmitter
Thursday 22 September 2011 6:02PM

Briantist, Any idea what might happen to degrade Winter Hill strength in 2013?

According to the DigitalUK predictor for the trade, Postcode Checker - Trade View that's what happens at 'Final Situation' in 2013.

If you type in some Lancashire postcodes like that one, some multiplexes drop to 99 or even 97% served, when they are 100 now.


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One in seven households in eighteen months is - at face value - stupendous for any product launch. Of course some of those TVs will only be used as monitors to display Sky, Virgin, games etc.

A better test may be sales of Freeview HD PVRs, which have not done as well. Perhaps due to clever 'free box' marketing by Sky etc, and the huge price premium compared to SD.
(I wonder how many owners of 2011 Sonys don't know their set is itself an HD PVR?)

Very glad we got a TV with Freeview HD though. Especially with the prospect of many more HD channels to come.

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There is no chance that sets would be forced to feature DVB-T2, let alone make DVB-T redundant.

Years after freeview was an established success, half the LCD/Plasma sets in Currys etc still only had analogue tuners! Despite government being desperate to encourage the Digital Switchover, no-one had the guts to enforce it.

Ironically in the 'free market' USA, massive fines were legislated for anyone retailing analogue only sets.

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Channel 5 HD will launch on Freeview | Blogs
Thursday 3 November 2011 6:49PM

Anyone thinking of buying a Freeview HD TV (and maybe PVR) should ask if the channel numbers can be sorted to personal taste.

It's one of the reasons we went for Sonys. Having BBC HD on button 8 is great.

Whenever I use SkyHD and Freesat HD (or a DVB-T2 box) I'm reminded what a pain it to plough through the confusion of jumbled channels.

Bravo Bravia.

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