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I'm a newcomer but I'm using Waltham and may have some useful information.

I got up this morning and went to check a recording on my Sony RDR-HXD870 and found that Freeview had stopped working. After a lot of "messing about", and a number of machine resets,using Stop and Power Off, and then retuning manually , I found that ch 56 is the culprit. I don't know what it is doing but as soon as I try to tune it in, either in isolation or with other channels, it trashes Freeview. It appears to be putting a different format EPG on-screen.

I've retuned the machine but have left ch 56 off and it appears to be doing fine(at the moment!). A cheap STB I have is working fine!

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Mine was like this.

I left mine all morning thinking the the Up Grade would finish but it didn't.

There is no guarantee the following will work, but it did for me.

Important - Don't use the remote for the following.

1 - Try pressing and holding down the Power button on the machine. You may have to do this more than once.

2 - Turn the power on

3 - Hold down the stop button anmd then press and hold the Power button (This resets the machine)

4 - Turn the Power on.

Use Hand Control from now on.

At this point you will have no Digital channel indication when you step through with the Input button.

Go to the set up menu and Initial Set Up.

Set Date and Time.
Set EPG to Digital
Set Software Updates to Manual.

Go to Digital Tuner
Go to Signal Check

Select ch 29 Waltham Channel and Select Add New Channels when the signal is present.

Repeat for the other Waltham Channels but leave out ch 56 for the moment.


I've just been to check my set up and ch 56 now loads correctly!

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As I said Waltham ch56 (com5)loaded ok last night so I left it tuned in.

This morning the machine had locked up again.

After I did a reset I found a recording I'd done at 10 pm was ok so the problem occurred after that. I did a manual retune again and all of the Waltham channels except 56 tuned ok and had the usual EPG but as soon as I tuned to ch56 the system crashed and had a different, empty, EPG.

A couple of hours ago I did another retune leaving out ch56 and so far it is still working!

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Dave: This is what I thought last night!

I'll leave com5 off for the moment as there are programmes I want to record on the other channels and I don't want to risk loosing them. Will you post tomorrow if your set up is still working ok?

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I tuned com5 in late yesterday and the system is still ok. It seems that the Gremlin has gone away for the moment!

I contacted both Sony and Arquiva but have had no reply so far. I'm not holding my breath!

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Over the recent months I've had problems with the programme series link missing in the EPG from BBC1 Waltham (East Mids) transmitter. I can also receive the Sutton transmitter(West Mids) and the link is present there.Sometimes the Waltham link is present when I set the recording but is missing later and sometimes it changes part way through a series.

I can't use the Sutton one to record from as the signal isn't reliable.

I contacted the BBC for advice but they weren't interested.

Has anyone else come across this and does anyone know of a solution the problem?

I use a Sony RDR-HXD870 HD/DVD recorder and don't have any other tuner/recorder to try and see if they respond they same.

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Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately this doesn't cure the problem - the series link is missing when I only have Waltham tuned in. I've tried retuning again just to make sure but the problem is still there. I checked a program for next week - Father Brown - which shows a link in Sutton's EPG but not one in Waltham's EPG, even after I retuned and removed Sutton from the guide.

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The link is a setting on the EPG page of my Sony HD/DVD recorder. It allows an On setting if its enabled in the guide.

The problem is that it isn't always enabled form BBC-EMids whilst BBC-WMids seem to enable it. Also the East Mids one appears to be inconsistent.

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Freeview Puzzle

I use a Humax HDR-2000T STB set for Waltham and I found that Sky News and a few other channels had dissapeared and just showed a message that no signal was available. When I checked the tuning I found that Waltham ch 56 had changed from SD to HD. I did a complete manual retune and found that ch 37 had also changed - from HD to SD.

What has happened?

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