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Brian... a year or so ago when I dared suggest that FM far outstrips DAB in sound quality you put mine and some other posts in to some forum that you entitled 'Deluded listeners' or something similar... I don't remember exactly. I thought at the time your actions were way out of line.

I like this site... it's extremely helpful and informative and now once again we have some very relevant posts expressing concerns over DAB and its 'quality' compared with FM.

Trevor and Russ express concerns about the whole DAB business but you seem inflexible in your replies in that you will not even attempt to understand why people are concerned.

There is absolutely no doubt that FM far outstrips DAB as a listening experience... if it just boils down to 'choice'... well that's another matter as Mr Murdoch will tell you.

'Science' may be able to 'show' that there is extra clarity and detail in a DAB broadcast but if you really listen and listen to what your ears tell you FM is simply far superior. One can publish all the technosnore information about DAB they wish but there's currently nothing better than FM.

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'I don't listen to DAB my ears have had centuries of fine tuning listening to a HiFi system'
That's exactly it, Trevor... the DAB devotees in general simply have no idea why the criticisms and are quite happy to bang on about choice over quality and produce technical details that bore us all bit rateless!

'The burbling'... again this is the over riding audio sense you get when listening to any DAB broadcast... like it's coming through water or something and at any moment is going to disintegrate.

The whole thing is a technophile's dream come true I guess and now in the future there will be millions that never had any idea just how good radio/hi fi sounds could be.....

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I find it hard to listen to DAB radio... somehow it tires the ear and often sounds as though it is coming through water... listening to music on DAB is a definite no go. Such a shame that yet another format [analogue] may be ditched for poorer quality DAB. FM sound quality is vastly superior.

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