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My ITV/C4 Freeview channels have disappeared - what can I do?
Wednesday 5 November 2014 11:14PM

Hi to the Forum. I have problems with my setup after changing from Sky to Freeview.

Setup is:
VCR Freeview: Philips HDTP 8530 with
Two Audio connectors (red & white)
One SPDIF connector

TV: Sony Bravia KDL-46V3000 with
AV2 SCART Smartlink
AV3 Video and Audio sockets
Optical OUT

DVD/Video Recorder: Panasonic DMR-EZ47VEB
Optical OUT
Audi Out
Video Out

Soundbar: Denon DHT-FTS including separate subwooder with
Optical Out on "Digital2"
Optical Out on "DVD"
Coax In on "Digital3"
Two Audio connectors (red & white) on "TV"

Currently Connected Up as:
AV5 HDMI from TV to Freeview Box
AV2 SCART from TV to DVD Recorder In
SCART from DVD Recorder Out to Freeview SCART
Optical cable from TV to Soundbat "Digial2"
Red & Whiye sound cables from Freeview box to Denon Soundbar
Aeriel goes into Freeview box

Not sure what settings are right on TV/Freeview box to get optimum picture/sound.
Sound Bar is not getting the volume/quality it used to when I had Sky.
When I switch off the telly black screen comes up and runs off AV2 DVD until I switch on Freeview box
DVD AV2 seems to be driving everything instead of Freeview box.
I have a spare HDMI and Optical cable but cannot see where they fit in.

Any suggestions are gratefully welcomed.

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Hi Mike, thank you so much for getting back to me on the Forum. There is so much good information here.

With the current boxes that I have what would you say is the best set up please as I want to use the Phillips to record/pause/rewind TV mostly, get good sound from the Denon soundbar from TV/Philips/DVD&VHS Combi.

Would you say the aerial should go into the Sony TV rather than the Freeview for instance? Use only HDMIs and optical cables and no SCARTs at all? And the RCAs (white/red) go too?

I was thinking what cable goes into what connection as I don't have any real background in electronics, just what I pick up reading. If there are any steps to say connect this then do this that would be really good.

I have had the boxes for about seven years so they have served me well. As I had Sky+ before cutting the cord it was relatively easy but with the PCR (thank you for correcting) it suddenly got more complicated.

I also stream from a laptop (using VGA/Phono connection) and have an Ethernet cable to the router for iPlayer if that makes a difference.

But thanks again for taking an interest for me.

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Hello Mike,
I'm getting it now thanks to your help.

Looks like:
Aerial into the Philips Freeview like now. I found a loopback aerial in with the old Sky box so will use that. to connect from the Freeview Out to TV In.

Remove the SCARTs from TV to Panasonic DVD Recorder and from DVD Recorder to Freeview box. Replace with HDMI cable from TV to DVD Recorder and keep HDMI from TV to Freeview.

Sound: Remove the RCA white/red phonos from Denon Soundbar to Freeview box. Keep Optical from TV to Denon Soundbar Digital2 in place.

Replace VGA/Phono from Laptop to TV with another HDMI on the side called AV7 by Sony.

Keep green Ethernet cable from Router to Freeview box so I can get iPlayer from Freeview box.

Just a couple of miscellaneous things I'm afraid:
- Should I connect HDMI 4 from Sony TV to Freeview and HDMI 5 from TV to DVD Recorder or vice versa? Or does it matter?
- I have a spare optical cable. would that be useful between the Panasonic DVD Recorder and the Denon Soundbar DVD optical plug or forget it as will not add anything to the set up?
- Or use it to connect Freeview SP/DIF connector to the Denon Soundbar? Again would it add anything?

Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it.

John Seager.

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Hi Mike I hope you had a good weekend. I connected everything up earlier today. I had to get another fly lead as I now have aerial from wall to Philips VCR In. Flt lead from Philips VCR Out to Panasonic DVD recorder In and another fly lead from Pansanic DVD recorder Out to Sony TV.

All Scarts are gone and red/white also removed (just optical from TV to Denon soundbar).

HDMI from TV to Philips VCR (Sony call it AV4). Another HDMI from TV to Philips VCR. Also put a spare between PC to the side of the TV (this is what Sony call AV7 in the manual),

The result: I can see TV channels through the TV and the sound is better.

The Philips VCR is not working at all in that it streams nothing to the TV. I just see its presence as an AV1 VCR (Sony Scart).

The DVD will play if I switch to AV5 (an HDMI connection in Sony manual).

It is really the VCR that doesn't seem to want to play. It is as if it is expecting scart again.

Anything of note would be great.

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Hi Mike,
I started again and now there is a solution with the VCR Philips freeview on HDMI 7 on the side of the Sony TV and the Panasonic DVD Recorder in HDMI 5. I can get to either of them via the Menu on the TV remote. The sound is good too now from the Denon bar if I crank it up.

It looks like the HDMI 4 I was using could be duff as nothing seems to work going into it so that was probably a lot of the problem.

I may look into putting a SCART between the DVD Recorder and the TV though to use AV2 instead of the HDMI 5. It looks like the Panasonic never goes above 576p resolution anyway. I can then attach a laptop to HDMI and stream.

Thank you for pointing out a lot of the pitfalls. The aerial fly leads and extraneous cables were very useful tips. I hope that these messages may help others as well.

I will be checking in the future as well as there are really useful posts, stories and articles here.

Yours truly,
John S.

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Full technical details of Freeview
Friday 29 May 2015 6:02PM

I had everything set up and working but now the DVD/VCR Combi refuses to Play.
When I record something on AV2 or try and play a DVD or Video Cassette it plays but no signal passes through to the telly.
The telly has three sources: TV, HDMI and Ext.
I am assuming the DVD/VCR Combi is supposed to pass the signal to Ext but nothing displays.

Help Please! I have this configuration:

VCR Freeview Philips HDTP 8530 with:

LED TV Samsung UE48H5510 with:
3 HDMI Ports
Optical Cable to Sound Bar

DVD/Video Recorder Panasonic DMR-EZ47VEB:
Optical OUT
Audi Out
Video Out

Soundbar including separate subwoofer with:
Optical Cable to TV

Currently Connected Up as:
HDMI from TV to Freeview Box
SCART from TV (EXT RGB) to DVD Recorder Combi AV1 IN.
SCART from DVD Recorder Combi AV2 EXT Out to Freeview SCART
Aerial goes into Freeview box. Fly lead to DVD Recorder Combi and another from there to TV.

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