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Hi Mike and Brian.

Thanks for the replies - please accept my apologies for the delay in replying.

Reading my post again, it came across a bit defensive. Sorry about that, I'm not usually a stroppy git!

For what it's worth, I'm not an anti-BBC type, and Mike, you raised some good points regarding most peoples screens being mostly tied into a 'corded' environment. I guess I'm the exception that proves the rule.

So, why am I here? My story is probably not very typical!

I joined this site primarily as a techie rather than a TV watcher - it was around the time of digital switch-over, and happened around the time that due to illness, I had to give up work and move back to my parents - who had a TV license, and Sky (via kit I'd bought - they were happy with just the terrestrial stuff)

Things got worse for me for a while, and basically I was bedridden for a few years, with nothing to do other than watch TV. I actually had a small breakdown relating to the intense boredom and frustration of nothing but Kyle and This Morning, and other mindless daytime pap.

A few years ago, I got into hospital, and then spent a year in a rehabilitation unit. I'm now much better, and in my own flat, and naturally brought my TV with me, but found that after my experience, I've basically lost all interest in watching programmes!

I keep up to date with tech/news/politics via the internet, and my video viewing is basically just YouTube and similar.

I only actually got the DLP projector a few weeks ago. The other projector and TV are boxed up. I have it hooked up to an android MK908ii - basically an android TV stick.

It was a bit of a geek toy, but also something to have on when cooking/eating (my kitchen and living room are open plan) - I'm heavily into dance music, and wanted to have some visuals whilst playing it. I've also found that I'm watching a lot of American politics (no idea why it interest me!) via YouTube (mainly 'The Young Turks!')

I also plan on getting a small cinema environment so I can start watching movies with friends, I want to try and break the almost phobic reaction I now have to any programme longer than 15 minutes. :-(

I have many DVDs I've bought over the last few years, but have watched literally zero of them. I guess a Blu-ray player and Blu-ray disks will be my next purchase.

So, to answer your questions, I don't subscribe to Netflix, Amazon, or any other service. Since getting the projector, my usage has averaged 30 minutes a day of YouTube. The rest of my 'downtime' is either doing techie stuff, or going out. I no longer have the patience to sit down and watch TV.

Phew. Yeah, a most unusual situation I guess - it was unfair of me to respond to your post the way I did, because I'm not exactly a typical 'screen' owner, and your points were basically valid!

As I said, the exception that proves the rule...

Cheers, Jamie

P.S. Brian, I read the other thread regarding your absence. I hope you recover soon! I know how hard it can be to distance yourself from your passion, but your recovery is more important! The regulars (and regular lurkers like me) will still be here when you're fit and well.

Good luck, and I would say 'break a leg' but..... :-)

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MikeG: Whilst I agree with you with respect to the iplayer loophole, please remember there are some of us out here who have 'cut the cord' both legally and morally.

I am not a tax evader - I simply don't watch TV programmes, 'live' or on catchup/demand.

cheers, Jamie

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Bill Kocher: I have internet, wi-fi, and a large connected video projector.

I'm also lead to believe that the panel of connectors n the corner of the living room carries both satellite and UHF aerial signals. (It's a new flat - it was only finished 3month ago)

I can't "prove" I don't watch "TV" (by 'TV' I mean 'everything the license covers') - but fortunately I don't have to.

BBC licensing would have to try and prove that I did.

I'm not anti-BBC - I simply don't watch 'TV' .

I will admit though that I don't like the licensing company, and the bullying misleading tactics they use.

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Cord Cutting UK Checklist: keeping it legal
Thursday 23 July 2015 5:29AM

MikeG: Yes, you're right.

I'm sure I read somewhere that each time the BBC grumble about the loophole, the government hints that the whole license system needs reviewing, causing the BBC to be quiet because they figure an overhaul would be even more damaging than the current situation.

I may have dreamt that though!

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@John Martin

Well said. Mind you, people think I'm weird if I don't have my phone with me, even when I've just popped out for some shopping.

Most annoying is Barclays 'fraud detection' - I like the idea, but it keeps tripping in, and assumes I have my phone with me all the time. Recently, I had to leave ASDA without my grocery shopping, as my card had again been errornously flagged, and ASDA had no provision for me to call the bank, so they ultimitely lost the sale.

Yea, I know, some people will read this and think "You;ve just demonstrated a good reason *to* take your phone everywhere" but, meh, shouldn't be my problem.

David, have you ever had similar problems with respect to bank cards/fraud checks when you are out?

Anyway, sorry, this was totally off-topic.

More on topic, and not directt David, I disagree with the general "vibe" in these comments.

When we are talking about TV's, it's a mainly untechnical consumer market. These are people who don't change all their equpment every few years, and why should they?. I know many people annoyed with the Freeview switchover, but at least they were compensated with extra channels, but now? I'm sure they'd love to be "forced to replace the tele just so the kids can use their phones even more.(!)"

And again, last time, many people I iknew (particularly the elderly) would NOT accept a messy set-top box, and 2 remote controls (or a cobbled reporgramable hybrid) . The only way my gran could deal with it was that we had to get her a new TV. If she was still alive, doing that again would be a hard sell, and she was financially well-off.

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