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Hi! Hope you had a good / healthy Xmas. (and hoping the same for 2022!!)
(Bearing in mind my Freeview box will always occasionally "find" new channels and add them as a matter of course, which is not within my control)
...what I found after having selected during the day the main Sudbury multiplexes as recommended, was that by later in the evening, reception on some of the previously "more reliable" channels (BBC 1/2, ITV, Channel 4/5, Drama, Yesterday etc) now became degraded and this was only improved somewhat by doing a new but "complete" scan. Also quite a few other channels (Talking Pictures etc) were not available at all to me on the "Sudbury only scan".
Owing to my poor aerial set up it is quite normal to presume weather conditions are coming into play with the quality of reception I get - high winds, dense cloud, heavy rain all seem to affect it (and even seasonally - winter / summer, which might be pure coincidence....perhaps owing to bare trees blocking less signal - from where I am situated, on the distant horizon about 2 miles away there are woods in a direct line from my aerial to the Sudbury transmitter. Sorry for my technical ignorance about this assumption!!)
Anyway I am extremely grateful to you for your offers of advice.

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Happy New Year Chris (and every one!!)

Right it's as follows: (I scanned each twice just to be certain at 14.40 and conditions outside are cold still air with light cloud)

K29 Strength 95% Qual 86%
K31 " 95% " 100%
K37 " 80% " 100%
K41 " 95% " 100%
K44 " 95% " 100%
K47 " 0% " 0%

A separate cable could presumably be run down but it would require some kind of switching device at one end or the other to isolate it from the radio aerial which currently uses the same single cable.
(Before the radio aerial was added, I had much the same reception problems)

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Hi Chris. Many thanks for the latest reply.
I will endeavour to "have a go" but can't promise when I will get time to "nip in and out" of the loft as my spare time is very limited at the mo and to make matters worse I have no loft ladder or Arctic-wear!!
Am very appreciative of your continued help!!
Will try to update in the very near future.

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Note to Chris and referring back to Jan 2022:
Update - I now have a new telly so my situation has changed.
Just to thank you for your past advice.

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