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I was not aware that Mounteagle transmitted Light Freeview channels.
Can you let me know if in fact it does and if so what aerial would I need at postcode IV7 8HE
Thank you,

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The BBC is now far too 'big for it's boots' and has long since given up on it's founding mission statement which was to uphold the Christian morals of the population.
As a PBS (Public Service Broadcaster) it has changed completely by vying for 'big audience' programmes and this is for no real reason at all - only the egos of those in charge at BBC.
Commercial broadcasters certainly require big audiences to satisfy charging advertisers - however the BBC is guaranteed it's enormous income even if no one watches the programmes- The TV licence is a very unfair compulsory TAX and needs to be abolished.
BBC should be subscription only and people who wanted their programmes could pay for them.

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Briantist The original BBC mission statement - under Lord Reith - has been adopted by UCB in 1986 when they started broadcasting. You can read it on their web-site.
UCB stands for United Christian Broadcasters in case you did not know.
My point about the compulsory TV licence tax is that you must pay for one to watch any TV at all and yet ALL the licence money goes just to BBC where it appears to be spent completely 'willy-nilly' with no accountability at all.
Why should the BBC services not be subscription - then only those who actually wanted to see BBC programmes could watch to their hearts delight!
Then anyone who objected to having to pay for BBC services could just watch the many free channels there are nowadays.

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Why does BBC Worldwide not make more profit for the Licence Fee
Wednesday 19 February 2014 11:59AM

MikeB: No Mike B the size of the complete BBC organisation has nothing to do with the type of programmes they make but rather that any very large organisation becomes very unmanageable and very un-accountable.
The BBC is financed by us all paying the TV licence Tax whether we want to have any of the BBC's services or not so surely they should be made accountable for the way they spend our money?

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On the TV Transmitter regions - overview map page the SKRIAIG Region Transmitter is shown on the wrong Scottish Island.
SKRIAIG is on the Isle of Skye which of course is very close to the mainland and not on the Island of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides which is some distance from the mainland.
Also when I enter my postcode to find my Freeview transmitter I am shown the wrong relay station Fodderty which in no way covers Conon Bridge where I stay at IV7 8HE.
All TV coverage in Conon Bridge comes from Auchmore Wood which is clearly visible from all rooftops!
I hope this information helps you to improve this excellent web-site.

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How does the Caldbeck transmitter send different news feeds to ITV Border (Scotland) and ITV Border (England)? Are there 2 separate transmitters from the one aerial system?

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Thank you Dave,
Are you sure there are now 2 transmitters at Caldbeck with all PSB channels duplicated except when the Scotland and England news feeds are different?

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Hi Brian, I live in the Highlands of Scotland and today while out in the car I received an unknown radio station (came up on the radio's screen as ' Dial ') on 100.8 MHz.
Have you any idea what and where this radio station broadcasts from?

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Knockmore (Moray, Scotland) Full Freeview transmitter
Saturday 7 February 2015 2:24PM

Post code is PH23 3NA
Please can you tell me if I will be able to receive the Full Freeview service from Knock More at this site near Carrbridge called Lochanhully?

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Thank you.
Indeed reception at present is from the Grantown relay with its very limited range of stations.
Looking at aerials around this area some appear to be pointing to Knock More and are horizontally polarised so that is why I was wondering if we could erect the correct aerial and thus receive the FULL Freeview service from Knock More. What 'group' aerial is required? If it could be mounted at a reasonable height then maybe reception would be possible!
I was not aware that ITV 1 was 'connected' to the licence fee as is BBC.
Also ITV2 is on the 'Light' Freeview service but not ITV3 - why is that I wonder.

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