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First 20 Local TV sites
Tuesday 13 December 2011 4:47PM

Typical! Once again, it's Nottingham that gets stuff thrown at it, while elsewhere in the East Midlands gets ignored! They're getting extra money for faster broadband, more money to spend on job creation etc, while Derby gets shafted once more with job losses, no extra money, etc. At least I'm too far from the Nottingham relay to pick it up, so there's no way I'd be having it inflicted on me...

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Sounds like you're picking up signals from a different transmitter and that has confused your reciever. What you need to do is pull the lead out so that you're getting no signal at all and do a rescan so that you blank all channels. Then find out the channel numbers that each multiplex is being transmitted on (look it up on the site here), and do a manual retune just on those channels. That's what I have to do with my Humax PVR to make sure it locks on to the right transmitter - The TV is usually fine, but the PVR always seems to get confused. If you're unsure how to do a manual retune, check your TV/box's instructions and they'll tell you how.

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OK, on Waltham and done a test retune on the TV before retuning everything else, but no change in the channel numbers here. Anyone else on Waltham found the same? The new channels are up, but Dave is still on 19, etc...

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Anyone else having problems with reception of the channels on ArqA? On one TV, we can't get them at all at the moment, but usually have no issue at all. A second TV that uses a different aerial can get them, but the signal is very intermittent and blocky. All other channels seem OK at the moment, and I've eliminated the possibility of local analogue interference - which couldn't explain the issue anyway as there's nothing that's connected to both TVs.

We've also had similar issues with the HD channels, with one TV not able to get them at all, while the second (newer) one could. But that issue seems to be OK now (at the moment!)

Both aerials are roof-mounted wideband, and have always provided a very good signal strength from Waltham in the past. Location is DE56 1ET.

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