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For more than a week now HD signal levels have been unaceptable.
ranging between 58% and 64% WITH a 21dB amp
causing random break ups.

This is just ridiculous.

I'm starting to think we need to get a petition going to get the analogue service switched back on. At least it was vaguely reliable EVEN in bad weather.

Enough with the idiotic proliferation of so called "channels" with "new" series that were
broadcast 3 years ago on a different frequency.

This whole freeview service is becoming a sick joke.

As for C4 and its most "talked about" programs channel. I cant think of anything on C4 I'd want to watch in the first place much less talk about or want to watch again.

Once upon a time TV was about programs. You switched it on and watched.

Now you have to be an aerial rigger just to almost get a picture depending on whether there is an r in the month.

My MP needs to pull his finger out I'm thinking.

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Avanti - clearly incompetent
Comux - nod genuine difference from whats already done
Lmux - The BBC steals more public money for fanciful notion of no use or benefit to anyone when they cant even organise or even fill the channels they already waste money on
Local TV Multiplex - another con trick to provide what is already done

Just fix the appaling very expensive bad "service" you can't even get right now.

The entire concept is absurd hence the stupid and possibly fraudulent bids.

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DAB is no interest because it is an absurdly overpriced excessively complex
and totally pointless technology.
Perfect sound quality is mostly irrelevant on a radio thats not even an issue.

Digital - Just because you can - doesn't mean you should.

fm is simple cheap, simple and produces more reliable and better quality results.

There is no reason for DAB to even exist.

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Friday 25 April 2014 8:13PM
You only need a TV License to watch live broadcast TV. You do not currently need a license to watch catch up TV services.

No - in order to watch catch up you must have the ability to play back TV.
The courts take that as a requirement for a licence. There is no way out of it.
(You have to remember the system is rigged - not "logical").

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A comparison of who gets paid the most and how efficient the programs made are would be more interesting but thats asking too much I know.

Spending more doesn't mean they make more or make better. In fact
Sky has made more and better programs consistently. The BBC has 1 or 2 hit shows every 5-10 years. That is an abysmal record. You only have to watch the "awards" programs to see how abysmal british TV has become now. Those shows are a catalogue of low quality ineptitude.

Their news department is grossly incompetent. Relying on re-broadcasting
government false proaganda (see inflation, unemployed count etc) and dead donkeys. They have far too many radio channels. Channels promoting dangerous cults and other esoteria.

Really for the money they do get they should be churning out vast quantities of high grade content.

Instead we get an endless stream of vauous drivel and so called "presenters"
getting "award" for doing nothing of any interest or talent whatsoever.

Sky is aprivate company that can and does do what it likes with its money.
The BBC is not and should not be allowed to.

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