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Keith Burrell:
Hi Keith i too have lost several HD channels, they are all broadcast on the 554.00Mhz frequency CH31, i receive my signal from the Waltham transmitter as do you.
I thought it might be my tv aerial at first but i receive most other HD channels with a maximum signal strength, so i think it is a transmitter fault.
The signal started to break up & then went all together, it came back a few times but now nothing at all.
I can't find any links as to where to report the fault.
I have tried a re-scan several times, but it only picked the strong channels & lost all the channels on 554.00 Mhz CH 31.
During one of the times i managed to receive a signal of sorts i re-tuned & got back the channels, but i lost them again when the signal went.
I will leave it for now & try again later today.

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Loss of 554 Mhz CH 31 HD channels update.
I switched on again today and found the lost HD channels back on,
I had re-tuned my television last night to no avail and even lost the channels from the EPG listings.
Luckily i didn't do this on the dvd/blu-ray recorder, i just left it has it was, thats how i knew the channels were back on this morning.
I have just re re-tuned the television & all the missing channels are there with a stronger signal than before.
I see others have posted comments about "High pressure" weather conditions as why there were problems with the signal last night. However, i can only speak for myself in this, this morning when i switched on the television & dvd/blu-ray recorder and checked the signal strength in the settings i found the signal to show a higher reading than before the loss occurred. Maybe there was a problem with the Waltham transmitter after all, as well as the "High pressure" weather condition.

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