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I live near Hindhead on the Surrey/Hampshire border and did a rescan last night on prompting. All channels are fine except the BBC channels (1,2,3,4, News 24 etc) on which the signal strength is good (c.75%) but the quality is low (10-20%) and the transmission is very jumpy and unwatchable. I have a high gain aerial...and booster (I think!).

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Thanks for the (speedy) reply. So you are saying I should try to remove the booster from the 'circuit'?

I interpret your second para as detailing a permutation relevant when the booster power supply is in the house but the booster is on the roof with the aerial.

It still seems odd that this has happened on a day (14th) on which Hanningtone wasn't changing. I did a re-scan on the 8th/9th immediately after the first part of the Hannington change and all was ok.
Regards, Deb

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Problem solved - but only by disconnecting the BT Vision box from the circuit (it was that which prompted the rescan).

Have connected aerial into TV (40 inch Sony 723NX something or other) and tuned in the digital channels. All clear as a bell. No problems whatsoever.

So I assume the problem is with the BT Vision box somewhere. Ah well. Maybe time to move onto something more robust.

Thanks for your support Dave.

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Freeview signals: too much of a good thing is bad for you | Swi
Wednesday 15 February 2012 7:09PM

It seems that the explanation is as follows:
(i) My aerial is pointing at the Midhurst transmitter (not yet gone through DSO) and there are engineering works on that transmitter which might explain the signal break up. It took several hours to realise I used Midhurst and not Hannington!
(ii) the upgrade of the Hannington transmitter has created 20 new BBC channels (800-820) which are not disupted and so can be used whilst the 'normal' BBC channels are less than perfect

I'm assuming that once the engineering works are complete at Midhurst the normal channels will return to full quality. And be even better once Midhurst has been through DSO.

(Re Vbox - mine is connected through adaptors not wi-fi)

Thanks for your input Dave. The above came out of a lengthy discussion with another on the BT forum.

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