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Hi, I am in Flintshire North Wales and I have two issues.

Firstly, recently I have lost BBC1 Wales HD and ITV1 Wales HD from my Freeview TV upstairs. The downstairs TV still has access to them and when I plug my TV into that aerial socket I can receive them again. Why would these channel disappear from upstairs? I can also only JUST receive the standard definition channels. If you move the aerial connector around it can pixalate/disappear. Also I can easily receive BBC1 HD (not Wales) and ITV1 HD (Granada) and BBC1 North West and ITV1 Granada with no problems. Why have the Welsh channels gone so weak upstairs when downstairs is so strong? Obviously I don't want to watch news based in Liverpool/Manchester. I think this happened last summer too and when winter arrived I got the channels back. Do I need to call an engineer out to look at the cable?

Secondly I have lost all access to some channels including QVC HD, More4 1, BBC4 HD and the new channel Now 80s which should be on channel 88. And this affects all freeview TVs. Why have they all disappeared?

Many thanks for any advice.

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Hi StevensOnln1, the TV upstairs comes in from a cable from the attic and the one downstairs comes from a cable he drilled straight into the kitchen wall where he connected it to the satellite dish on the rear wall I think.

I am in CH54FY. Today though the missing channels from COM8 returned.

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StevensOnln1. I was wrong the cables to the downstairs TV literally go past the satellite dish however it continues to go up into the attic. I've been to look in there and both cables (one for downstairs TV which can get bbc1 Wales hd and itv Wales hd and my cable which cannot get either channel) go to the same point which is the aerial on the chimney. Two.people have looked at my cable and they can't see why it's stopped getting those channels. I've tried manually tuning it to channel 60 and 0 channels are found. The cable reaches half way around my room and I have to use an extension to get it to the TV. A 4m extension cable from argos does not give me any Welsh channels whereas a 3m one from B&M only doesn't give me the hd Welsh channels. I have tried plugging it into the aerial socket direct by taking the TV there but no luck. Is it worth calling Flintshire aerials back to ask him to replace the cable?

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Storeton (Wirral, England) Full Freeview transmitter
Wednesday 11 July 2018 5:47PM

StevensOnln1 - Flintshire Aerials came out and found that the cable to my room had been crushed in the attic by boxes (thanks mother!) and was only transmitting half the signal it should have been doing and replaced the cable and also fed it down the opposite wall meaning it can plug straight into the TV. I now have BBC1 Wales HD and ITV Wales HD back and a much stronger signal on all channels.

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a load of channels have disappeared tonight.
1 BBC1 Wales
2 BBC2 Wales
4 S4C
101 BBC1 Wales HD
102 BBC2 Wales HD
103 ITV Wales Cymru

We're in Connah's Quay and all TVs in the house are affected. We had a new splitter put in last year, all connections seem fine. Aerial looks OK. It was working on Friday and now nothing.

BBC1 North West and ITV Granada are fine but obviously being Welsh I don't give a hoot about local news in Liverpool or Manchester. Tried retuning one TV and it came back with the Welsh channels removed completely. Any help or advice welcome!

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Hi Chris.
My post code is CH54FY. When I awoke this morning I checked my own TV which hasn't been retuned and all was back on and working perfect so I retuned the kitchen one again and all came back on there too.
You asked for the muliplex channels so
1 BBC1 Wales - C45
2 BBC2 Wales - C45
3 ITV - C39
4 S4C - C39
101 BBC1 Wales HD - C42
102 BBC2 Wales HD - C42
103 ITV Wales Cymru - C42

Was really worried it was an aerial fault so glad it wasn't!!!

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