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ian Atkinson :

Contact Arqiva, call the Project Restore Helpline on 0800 121 4828.

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vic newey:

That's a very good idea :)

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Do NOT retune when you have pixellation or no signal if you were already correctly tuned. It can end up clearing your correct tuning.
IF, as at present, we have weather related interference due to "Tropospheric Ducting" you can end up tuned to interfering transmitters in Europe or the UK whose signals disappear as conditions change.
You then have to retune again when signals are normal which you may have to try more than once as you won't know when that may be.
Such interference can last for seconds, minutes or longer and won't necessarily affect all multiplexes. There's nothing you can do except wait for conditions to change.

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As per the post before yours, the transmitter is on Planned Engineering and has been for about 3 weeks, this may have something to do with it if you are in a weaker signal pocket (you haven't given a full postcode), or your line of sight to the transmitter is obscured locally by trees, buildings, scaffolding etc.

Check you are correctly tuned to the Sutton Coldfield PSB3/BBCB HD multiplex on UHF C40.
Also check your aerial system looks intact and the downlead is secure and isn't flapping in the wind - how old is it? If very old, your aerial system may be degraded. certain problems don't always appear to affect all multiplexes Do you receive the Local multiplex on UHF C48 ok?.

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Current weather conditions unfortunately - Tropospheric Ducting
Whilst this is BBC information, it also applies to all commercial transmissions…sure
One issued by Freeview as well -
High pressure could affect reception across parts of the UK this week | Freeview

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Chris Kenney:

If you provide a full postcode (or one for a very close-by shop/pub) we can check your predicted reception and possibly offer further advise.

Is your TV a "smart" TV connected to the internet? A lot of TV channels can be streamed and watched using Apps that are installed on the TV.

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john Marriner:

Do you mean Quest, More4 and Yesterday?
Two different multiplexes are involved.
As you haven't given a full postcode we don't know what your predicted reception may be, whether or not your predicted transmitter would be Plympton or whether you are just somewhere around the Plympton area and may be receiving another (maybe main) transmitter.
Are your aerial rods (or squashed Xs) vertical, and which way is it pointing?
Plympton isn't currently listed for Planned Engineering.

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Tony Kemp:

If you provide a full postcode we may be able to advise if Mobile interference is a possibility.
Can you be more specific about your channels affected?
Are your neighbours experiencing problems on exactly the same channels?
You say some days are worse than others. When (roughly) did this start?
Have you been retuning at all ? (that is NOT a suggestion to do so!)

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All: Latest on the new Bilsdale mast

From the BBC -…from

Quote "This work will affect television services only.
Weather permitting it will take place during the day on Sunday 4th and Monday 5th June. "

From Arqiva Project Restore site
NEW BILSDALE MAST NOW LIVE | Bilsdale Mast: Project Restore

A pop-up provides the following -
Quote "Please note that there are also service improvement works scheduled this weekend 3rd/4th June. If you notice new interference this weekend you do not need to do anything unless it persists.

You can find advice on retuning your TV here on our website.

If you have a question about retuning or the support we can provide that is not covered on our website, please call us during our opening hours of Monday - Friday 9AM to 6PM. You can also request a call back using the contact form, on this website.

Please note the Bilsdale Mast Project Restore help scheme is scheduled to close from 7 July 2023."

NOTE: The date in the last paragraph. if you need help with aerial re-alignment etc. you need to contact them asap.
Reminder, their number is 0800-121-4828.

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