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Rrustyettle: Apologies, I was having problems pasting in pound signs and made a small error, which has been now put right. Sorry.,

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Tuesday 7 November 2017 9:35AM


I agree!

I agree that the issue is "audience inertia", but that's what is interesting. In the past, younger people didn't watch as much TV as those older then them. But the last decade or so, people when they reach their thirties don't go back to TV, they keep on watching online. That's the inertia.

Also, under 16s watching of TV is dropping like a stone. It's fallen by 25% between 2015 and July 2017, now down to just 85 minutes a day.

This means that increasing numbers of busy parents are leaving their kids with an iPad or Kid-mode Android tablet.

This means, I guess, that a TV isn't going in the kids room or bedroom, they are taking a tablet in there. The remaining TV watching is no doubt to family-friendly stuff like the X-Factor and that's a show in decline.

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Tuesday 7 November 2017 9:55AM


Here's what I watch in the last few months. For the sake of showing my disinterest.

- Star Trek Discovery [Netflix]
- Mr Robot - season 3 [Amazon]
- Dirk Gently's [Samuel Barnett] Holistic Detective Agency - season 2
- Criminal Minds - season 13
- L&O SVU - season 19
- NCIS New Orleans - season 4
- L&O True Crime

Snowfall [iPlayer]
Louix Theroux [iPlayer]
W1A [iPlayer]
Only Connect [iPlayer]
QI [iPlayer]

And only then using Freesat+HD to remove the ads...

The Last Leg [C4 HD]
Food Unwrapped [C4 HD]
Taskmaster [Dave]
Dave Gorman's Modern Life is Goodish [Dave]
Red Dwarf XII [Dave]
Born To Kill? [Really]

11x45 minutes+ 2x 60+ 3x30 + 2x 24 = 13 hours a week ... or 107 minutes a day, but only 33 minutes counts as "TV".

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