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Rowridge (Isle Of Wight, England) transmitter
Friday 15 February 2013 10:08PM

I live in Weymouth & have fitted a high gain vertically polorised ariel with mast head booster set up by compass bearing then fine tuned with the signal strength meter in the tv's menu.
However,the ststions on multiplex channel 22 keep breaking up, signal strength ok, but quality poor except on a sunny day when it is ok.
Can somebody explain why the other multiplex channels ore ok but not channel 22.

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I may have posed this question on here before but now I have more data.
I live in Weymouth & have installed a Group A high gain aerial with a mast head + 25 DB booster.
I obtained a compass bearing from my house to the Rowridge transmitter from the local Coastguard station of 86 degrees & lined it up exactly.
I can get good strength signals on multiplex channels 24, 25, 27,& 28, but on channel 22 which has 2 stations I require, Sky News & Dave the signal strength is pretty steady @ 64 but quality poor to nil.
The modulation alternates between 64QAM to QPSK, I have no idea what this means.
If anybody can give me an explanation why when all of the other channels are ok why should 22 be any different when they are all produced from the same transmitter.

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Well thanks jb38 for the info it seems I will just have to grin & bear it.

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What are the most popular satellites to log on to in the south of the UK.
I currently have 2 dishes 1 into the Astra 1, 1E, 2A2B2C2D & Apstar 2R C satellites and the second into Hotbird 6/7/8A .
Are their any others that I should be able to lock on to.

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I have given up trying to get my full Freeview service from Roweridge transmitter & turned my aerial around & scanned until I received a reasonable signal.
However, unless my geography is way out my aerial seems to be pointing in the wrong direction from my house in Weymouth and to the south west not towards the Stockland Hill transmitter which would be more to the north west , but the channels 22,23, 25, 26 & 29 seem to tally with Stockland.
Is there any way I can tell where the signal is coming from?

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Dave Lindsay:
My aerial does not point towards either Rowridge or Stockland Hill that is what is confusing me.

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Hi all
Tried tuning ch 24, no signal then ch 26 strong signal good quality so must be Stockland Hill.
However, my aerial is pointing south west towards Lyme Bay somewhere around 220 degrees so must be locking on to a reflected signal.
Thanks for all the advice.

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