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I am in the Talconeston area and up until August 17th i had all 6 MUXES and great reception (well as good as they transmit it) lol

Since August 17th i have lost at least half of my channels and the Talconeston transmitter is now showing 8 frequencies instead of 6 when retuning.

August 17th was earmarked as the first step for DSO on the Talconeston transmitter, apparently now i have to wait till November 23rd (when the analogue signal is turned off)
Will i get my channels back at this point?

If i do not get those channels back then i will simply put the TV in the loft and cancel my TV license,
I am not paying for 10 poxy Freeview channels that in reality are no better in quality than Iplayer.
DSO seems to be a huge con in my opinion.
I have already paid for a new ariel installation (£175) and there is no way i am buying a new TV/set top box.

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Do I need to buy a booster? | Installing
Monday 22 August 2011 10:12AM

Great article,
I am in the Talconeston transmitter area and up to 17th August i had all 6 muxes and every channel over Freeview.

On Aug 17th the DSO started and i lost half of my channels.(retuning has not brought them back)

The final switchover (when analogue is turned off) will be on the 23rd Nov.

So judging by this article because i had all the channels before the 17th Aug

[quote]If the TV aerial installation you have provides you with all the Freeview channels, there is nothing to worry about. [/quote]

does this mean on the 23rd Nov all my channels will return when analogue is switched off and the digital signal is ramped up

Thanks for any information you can provide, i am missing my channels already and still have another 3 months to go :(

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Do I need to buy a booster? | Installing
Monday 22 August 2011 10:15AM

oh i forgot to add that my postcode is
and my transmitter is Talconeston

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Do I need to buy a booster? | Installing
Monday 22 August 2011 1:49PM

Hi jb38
Many thanks for the swift and informative reply my friend.

Since Aug 17th i have lost the following channels (there may be more)

Sky News, Sky 3 & Sky 3+1, Dave, Dave Ja Vous, E4+1 and i have also lost all the Adult channels (Babestation, etc) 

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Do I need to buy a booster? | Installing
Monday 22 August 2011 5:54PM

After reading the plethora of great information on this site i believe i may have found the problem.

On August 17th
Multiplex C (PICK TV, Dave, Really, E4+1, Big Deal, Create and Craft, Price Drop TV, Gems TV 1, PICK TV +1, Daystar TV, Food Network and Sky News) from C61 to C68

When i scan i set it to talconeston so the TV only needs to scan those frequencies
(a full scan of all frequencies takes 20 mins or so)

I think i will try a full scan of every frequency and see if i get multiplex C back.

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I am in the Talconeston area and i lost all of Multiplex C on August 17th.
Before this date i had every Mux & Channel from Talconeston over Freeview
So it would appear there are some problems with Talconeston if you have lost Mux B & i have lost Mux C
I know this doesnt help you but it at least shows it is most likely the transmitter at fault.

Hopefully i also do not have to wait till 23rd Nov to get all my channels back, not happy to say the least!

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It appears i now have all my channels back on the Talconeston transmitter.
After 5 Days without them it is great to finally have them back.

In my opinion there must have been a problem with the transmitter that they were not disclosing to the public.

Thanks to everyone on this site who gave me help ^ advice.

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