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Is it just me or is anyone else totally p'd off with channels
sticking text and logo's all over the program you're trying to watch?
Pick and that sony movie channel are totally unwatchable on logo's alone.

Seriously I've had enough of this.
If i want to know whats on I'll press the menu button - every remote has one.

enough already.

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Why on earth do they bother broadcasting channel 100 ?

Why is there pre-arranged and fault information on those pages ?
What a waste of electricity.

We've lost 30 channels today and there's no information or notice.
And it looks like it's country wide - all at the same time. Why for gods sake?

Freeview is going in the bin I think - we've had just about enough
of rubbish signals rubbish programs logos and text all over the screens
and picture quality massively below VHS tape !!!
We spent good money on HD equipment and they are STILL broadcasting HD as interlaced.

Its about time ALL channels were HD as well.

Its not as if they are even trying to provide a service to viewers.
There's so much advertising they're having to put it in the programs
now masquerading as "fashion advice"
6 advert breaks in a single movie is just flat out insulting.

Even the menu system is being manipulated to drive you to rubbish programs.

Calling it pathetic is an insult to the pathetic.

I'm sorry webmaster - but this is just gone on for far too long with no action
or public outlet.

And you should stop being a nuisance with the idiotic EU cookie notice - you dont need to put it there or as big.
Doesnt anyone know the meaning of "service" anymore?

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