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Below are all of Sue's postings, with the most recent are at the bottom of the page.

PS - I will update on Saturday when I get back :-)

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I asked my Mum to check 719 and she says that it is 'smooth' radio ?
She says we get our signal from bluebell hill.

It is hard to think that it is the machine as you would think it would lose ALL channels.

She did a re-scan just now....... 16.55pm Weds and it said at the end........
BBC2 is back

Though this does not mean that at certain time of the day it will not dissapear again... But she will not rescan again in case of losing it again and it praying that whatever the problem is - Is now sorted out?

Many Thanks

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Thanks for all your help, I will let you know, thanks

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Mick - My Mums loss of BBC also happened in the evening and was fine again by the next morning.... Very curious..... As - You would think if it was anything with the equipment all the channels would have been missing/altered......

I guess time will tell on this one.... I live closer to the bluebell hill antenna than my Mother and my BBC channels are all fine on freeview....... Though I do not watch much TV so I only knew there was a problem whren my Mum phoned me and asked me to turn it on and see if I had BBC or not......

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My Mum turned her freeview on this evening and BBC channels are gone again! This happens most evenings by the seems of it - intermittently.....

BBC1 2 and 4 are all affected - Like Mick we are at a loss to see why this is happening.......

To be honest - I feel that someone must be doing something - I live closer to bluebell hill than my mother - I am not affected at all (just checked lol)

Very weird

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BBC is back again apparently......

719 says.... Black screen - No signal

but BBC1 is back - BBC2 is no signal
BBC4 is no signal

Tried BBC1 again - Gone again

There has to be something up as BBC is up and down like.... (Well I shall say like some socks......) lol

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BBC1 says signal strength 50% says UHF 46 if that means anything?
It has been coming and going today - Mostly going all morning it was gone
I will take my freeview box there when I go and see if it helps

Mums is a wharfedale if that makes any difference?

Whilst I was typing this BBC channels left again...

I really think they are up to something - LOL. Mum only uses this in the evenings

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Mum thinks that it is not her aerial as it has been fine and then all of a sudden this happens for no reason then comes back.....

I will take my freeview box there and see if that makes any difference

Will let you know....... Thanks alot

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ITV Signal strength is 100%

It seems weird that BBC was fine for like ages and then just at some points BBC goes. And the other guy on this thread also had same problem and he changed his aerial and lead and that changed nothing.

On Monday I shall have a look up at the lead and see if anything obvious has changed but surely if it is a lead or something - It would always be gone?

The wire is not going across the roof or anything...

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Tried another freeview box and the problem - as in Micks case - is the same.

We do not see my Mums neighbors to ask them, and do not really know them either......

Mum thinks she should just give up oj BBC channels and be grateful for what she has got....

Something has obviously as Mick and my mum both seem to be having a similar problem...

Thanks for trying t help solve this issue....

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