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Why do people think that £50 pounds is a fair price to pay for a tv aerial.
It is not about the time worked on the job
what about travling to the job fuel van insurance advertising.
What about the amount of jobs you do in a week do you think a company could make a liveing doing 1 job aday for £50 I think your getting mixed up with working for someone, were you put your hand out and get paid.
there are a lot more things to take into consideration I.E it cost mac donalds £1.10p
to make a big mac meal but they charge £5 for it ...its because we know there is a lot more to pay for than just the burger u get.

Lets look at it another.
You buy an aerial for B&Q cheap on with all the stuff to install £25.00 now you have to put it on the roof ladder hire £15 for the day cat ladder hire £10 for the day then you have to fit it your self O dont forget you need a drill and long reach bit to go double cavity wall £6 if your a diy man and your not bothered about high work then good for you but you can c why £50 to install an aerial is not worth it for a company to make a good living lets face it if you cannot make a good living been self employed you might as well get a job.
To end ...if you pay £50 for a tv aerial and have problems with it you will also have problems getting that company back out in our trade therea loads of cowboys and if you want to pay peanuts for some uninsured idiot to turn up at your own in his family car with a roof rack on then thats up to you

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