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Winter Hill (Bolton, England) transmitter
Friday 30 November 2012 9:21PM

I'm sure these's some people in Greater Manchester reading this who can answer this question:
I was wondering, is anything transmitting now on MEN UHF Ch.57 where Channel M was?
According to the following website I sometimes look at, it says it's named as the MTN Multiplex transmitting the following channels: movies4men, movies4men+1, SONY SAB and ARGOS TV 24/7 on EPG numbers: 51, 52, 53 & 54 respectively as well as CAPITAL TV on 56 and HIGH STREET TV on 57.
Are these transmitting? If so, why are they not listed on UKFreeTv? Or if they are not transmitting, why does it show on the other website? And is there any expected launch date for those channels if they aren't already transmitting?
Here -

Freeview HD regionalised channel list | British Isles: England: Granada (LL115FQ)

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Winter Hill (Bolton, England) transmitter
Friday 30 November 2012 9:31PM

The above should read: I'm sure there's some people in Greater Manchester reading this who can answer this question.

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Winter Hill (Bolton, England) transmitter
Sunday 9 December 2012 7:43PM

I was going to ask my twice previously asked question you will see further above, but maybe there's no-one in Manchester who uses UK Free TV who was able to tell me but my query has now been resolved as I see Brian must have updated the information I was asking for in the last couple of days on this page under the "Mux Effective power level, aerial position Rating Mode Watts" table. Although I think the multiplex name MEN appears to now be named as MTN - Manchester TV Network (Entertainment TV Ltd) as shown in: Freeview HD regionalised channel list | British Isles: England: Granada: Winter Hill TX (LL115FQ)

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ITV and BBC regional TV maps - now with colour (again)
Monday 21 January 2013 7:05PM

This may be an error, but on the Freeview Light map, The Wrekin B transmitter shows which stopped transmitting at DSO when the main The Wrekin transmitter went full power on 20th April 2011.
This B transmitter doesn't tie in with the current Freeview transmitters on the map and should probably be removed.

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I thought that 61-68 where going to be used for 4G? What's going to be on those frequencies now?

I thought that was why Moel-Y-Parc's D3&4 multiplex was moved to 39 from 49 to enable Winter Hill's BBCA and ARQA multiplexes to be moved from 62 and 61 to 50 and 49 respectively on 10th April to avoid what I thought were going to be 4G frequencies on 61 and 62?

Have I got confused or is 61-68 now going to be used for something else?

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KMJ,Derby: So is 52-60 also being used for 4G as well as for Freeview?
Or is it a case that even a 4G signal on 52 can interfere somewhat with a Freeview signal as far away as 61 on the frequency scale?

Also, are TV/Radio masts ever used for mobile phone communications (3G or 4G)? If not, then why as with their height it would make sense for better signal and less prone to obstructions.

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ITV network - regional clean up | About us
Tuesday 29 January 2013 7:06PM

How do these micro regions work?
I thought the ITV regional news went out live.

I have before switched between different micro regions on my Sky box and you get the same presenters such as Bob Warman and Sameena Ali-Khan presenting ITV News Central on Central West and Central East and there are times when both news programmes have the same news story at the same time and there are times when they each have a different news story, one more for the West and one more for the East.
Is one pre-recorded? If so, how do the programme makers get their timings so spot on so you can't see the join?

Also, why after so many years of ITV being called ITV did it get renamed ITV1 only to be renamed back to ITV again?

In some way thought, it doesn't seem right to have an ITV and an ITV2, 3 and 4. It kind of makes more sense to have an ITV1, 2, 3 and 4 likewise with having a BBC1, 2, 3 and 4 (albeit the BBC channel numbers are in word form).

Also, since the ITV revamp, why is it that on the Sky EPG are the ITV region channel names just simply called 'ITV' with the exception of ITV1 Border dropping the '1' and keeping the name 'Border' after 'ITV'. Previous to this, all ITV1 channels had the name 'ITV1' followed by the region with the exception of ITV1 Channel Islands was always named 'ITV Channel Is' but now even that it just called 'ITV'.
Has ITV now reduced regional programming budgets even more? Apart from the regional news, when else can you expect to see regional programmes on different ITV regions?

Also, when all the ITV regions like Central TV, Granada TV and Tyne Tees TV were bought to make one big ITV, what would've happened if any ITV's refused to be bought?
And when the ITV licenses are up for renewal next time, could there ever be a possibility ever in the future that any ITV regions could become more independent from the others? Much like STV and UTV have done? What would an ITV region need to do in order to buy themselves back out again?
I'm only asking as I miss the old days of proper regional ITV when you could flick to a different ITV region and find a different programme from your main ITV region.

Also, is UTV +1 available yet on Sky? If so, what are the tuning frequency details?

Hope someone might be able to answer all my questions as I'm just so interested and eager to know these things!
Thanks in advance.

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I was wondering, are these filters simply just an in-line coax filter that is fitted between your aerial and TV/box/PVR?

If so, presuming all your TV's receives their signal from the same aerial, then by fitting the filter at the aerial end before the signal goes through your signal distribution system, then there should only be a need for one filter and not a filter for each of your (7) TV's?

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Map of all DAB transmitters
Friday 29 March 2013 4:21PM

Hi Brian,
Do you plan on adding the new MuxCo NE Wales & West Cheshire DAB Ensemble on Block 10D 215.072 MHz soon?

It hasn't fully launched yet as it's still testing but it transmits the following services from Moel-Y-Parc , St. John's Beacon and Wrexham-Rhos

BBC Radio Wales
BBC Radio Cymru
Dee on DAB
Real Radio Wales
Nation Radio

The following service will join when St Johns Beacon is in service:

107.6 Juice FM

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Map of all DAB transmitters
Friday 29 March 2013 4:34PM

Also, why is there no mention of the Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury and Telford Ensemble on 11B 218.640 MHz on your DAB pages?

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