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I have 9 FM radios, some integrated with other devices such as amplifiers cd/tape players. I know people with more. All this perfectly working equipment, carefully chosen and with many more years life left, will have to be dumped if and when FM is withdrawn. Surely it doesn't take a lot of imagination to see why "anyone is still using it". (I have one DAB radio.)
Has anyone worked out the total tonnage of unnecessarily scrapped equipment if FM is withdrawn in the next 5 years or so? Or how green that is?
DAB should be able to make its own way in the market place. If it's good enough it will displace FM naturally - the slow uptake possibly speaks for itself.

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Having problems with TV background music?
Wednesday 29 October 2014 8:28AM

If we are all going to live into our 90s shouldn't we stop accusing middle aged listeners as it being their own fault if they find unnecessary music intrusive, can't cope with the undoubtedly awful quality from nearly all TV receivers and the fairly obvious poor sound from many 'on location' programmes. You can fiddle with tone controls etc as much as you like but it has very little effect on the problem. The need to sell 'sound bars' and the like is an admission of the TV design failures.
I can still listen to twenty year old recordings through a relatively old Hi-Fi system (I used to design and build them) but I despair of the quality we have to put up with today.
Even if some of the problem is due to ageing ears, isn't that the norm that TV producers should recognize rather than pretending it is all someone else's fault? The use of an 'old person' as the main illustration of the 28th Oct article shows the built in assumption.
Can you please refer us to the study that shows that 'the vast majority of people really enjoy the audio-visual experience that is TV' ? Is it published?

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