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I find it annoying, to say the least, to think of all the licence-payers (including so many pensioners who assume that they can truat their TV signal to be of consistent high-quality) who have paid lots of money to the "digital aerial" cowboys. Only to find in many cases that their received signal is only marginally improved by a more powerful aerial. becasue the power sent in their direction is nowadays too poor.
That the BBC, and perhaps Ofcom too, try to keep knowledge of the full details of all this from us is astounding.
We need Questions in Parliament. And pronto.

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I've downloaded the ITU spreadsheet. Thanks to Mike Dimmick for the URL which still works.

Which code applies to the UK?

Talk about obscure bureaucracy!!
Vast expense in making such documents (and making them almost unreadable) and then refusing to allow us Electors and Licence Payers knowledge of what's going on????
Amazing if it were not the norm.

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Briantist: Thanks for your reply.

I own a variable attenuator too.....and a choice of aerials.
>>The received signal is poor.<<

It is abundantly obvious that my particular part of Tamworth suffers from poor reception (now). Pre-digital (in fact, pre-HD turn-on too) we could receive TV on a coat-hanger improvised aerial.
Then the "experts" decided to "improve" things.....

All around me, neighbours have had to put up fringe-area, multi-element aerials - at huge expense - just to get a watchable signal. Everyone agreed that this was all their OWN fault for not having a "digital Aerial"....

I am 6 miles from the transmitter!!!!
Many neighbours - after spending fortunes to fix "their" poor aerial systems switched to cable, Sky or Satellite to resume normal service.

Too often, people jump in and say we're wrong.. "There's nothing wrong with the transmitted signal"."What you need is a proper Digital aerial" and so on...

All of us, so wrong, ALL of the time???
I smell cover-up.

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I was being satirical...
I have a doctorate in physics... and I can tell an installation engineer form a "you need a digotal aerial" cowboy. Pity the old folks around here can't.

BBC ignore all such complaints, won't even give an email address you can reply to to state your case. Too busy paying 200+ people more than we pay the PM !!!!!
That says it all.

It's their "no reply" website email or nothing.
Some Licence Fee value....
My MP is starting to listen though.....

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