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Interesting that Ofcom are foreseeing making this facility available, but I wonder how good such services are at promoting themselves with distinctive content, and thus how much demand there might be.

Southampton had an analogue channel 6 for a while, and I believe I remember a friend saying something about the Oxford area or near there.

I discovered the Southampton one on moving back to the area in 2003. It was a weaker signal and rather grainy here in the north of the coverage, I'd guess perhaps from the Fawley transmitter used for Channel 5, but I don't know.

I didn't become a regular viewer, just checked up on it about half a dozen random times. There was some local programming, but a couple of times I looked it was relaying a Sky channel.

I think it closed down a while ago.

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I'm just south of Winchester.

A Sony Bravia has been here almost a month, bought as refurbished and newly set up from its previous Welsh tuning. All TV channels were available here yesterday

I've just retuned and now I have SDN and ARQA missing, same as a person near Poole on another thread here.

The channels do actually appear in the guide, with no event info, and selecting them it says no signal

It seems a bit odd that increasing power and moving channels would have caused a problem.

I note that the vertical polarisation has more power, so I could try a trip to the roof when it stops raining, but these used to be receivable here for the last few years even with much lower power, though the occasional glitch.

I wonder if there is still work happening and the presence of the channel number is like a placeholder for when these multiplexes resume later on

Does this sound like it makes sense, and does anyone else have issues with those 2 multiplexes at Rowridge? Is there still work in progress?

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Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I know they've moved some of them.

I'm fairly sure it was a new imstall, but on the other hand I suppose the channel number and no signal can imply it's still looking on the old frequency. But it has found one multiplex

I'll try again later, just watching something about Enigma on Yesterday

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I get some channels on 800 upwards anyway, due to being roughly halfway between Rowridge and Hannington. Unless some were also left over from its time near Swansea while being checked out.

The wipe by retuning with deliberately no signal sounds worth trying later on.

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Now I'm sorted out. That wipe by pretending to be cable and then tune again back on the aerial has done the trick. And only 10 spare channels at 800+ from Hannington, ITV1 etc. Thanks again.

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