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Hi Brian
I have just bought a new Sony Bravia 32inch LCD for the bedroom, I used to have an old CRT up there that fed off the Sky+ downstairs perfectly. I have tuned the new TV in on the analogue tuner and the picture is very snowy and pretty poor, I have tried it on C38, C39, C21 and C68 and 39 seems abut the best of a poor bunch. The RF feed is coming our of RF 2 and I have RF2 output power off as this seems to be a little better.Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi LutonFan - cheers for the reply...
The lead goes direct to the TV, I don't (as yet) have a magic eye. I have retuned to C22 as this appears to be blank on my regional frequency list and retuned the TV. The picture is a bit better, just not great - a bit blurry and snowy - probably not what you would call acceptable. On the CRT it was really sharp and crisp.

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Hi LutonFan
Just tried the normal RF outlet - exactly the same result. The RF lead that goes to 2nd TV has been replaced too - no better. However, the RF lead that goes from Sky box to the wall downstairs is the only one I have, so I could probably do with getting a new one of those to see if that helps.

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Sorry, it's the other way around, the RF lead to the TV is the cable that I only have one of. It's (not sure of correct technical term) double headed, both ends are the same - the same connection that goes in to the TV also goes in to the wall.

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Sorry LutonFan - I contradicted myself.

Just to confirm I have the male to female RF lead downstairs - female end plugs into the RF2 output of the Sky and the male end goes into the aerial socket on the wall (and then up to the 2nd TV upstairs). I have a few of these leads and I have tested about 3, none make any difference. Upstairs I have a male to male lead (from the aerial socket in to the TV), I only have one of these leads, so I can't test if another works better.

I am picking up the freeview channels really well through this lead though, so I am not sure if it is faulty.
And yes, the old CRT I had connected before was really clear and sharp.
I am going to contact Sony too to see if it is an issue with the TV.

Cheers for your help Luton

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