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Stockland Hill (Devon, England) transmitter
Monday 15 October 2012 7:20PM

A message was displayed tonight saying a re-tune is required on 17th October 2012.
Checking I find that "What's On TV" and this website now show Dave on Channel 12 and Yesterday on Channel 19 whereas they are still being received the other way round. Is this re-tune to bring the transmitter into line with What's On TV and this website?
Also, has the transmission power of the MUX on the Channel 28 carrier been increased since June 2011? In June 2011 (when I wanted to watch the Isle of Man TT races) I couldn't receive ITV4 (Freeview 24) or any of the others programmes on the Ch 28 MUX. Tonight I can receive Freeview 24 and Freeview 19 - probably the others too but can't check until the boss' soaps finish.

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Freeview retune day - how was it for you? | Blogs
Tuesday 18 December 2012 9:37PM

I live in a dip in the ground which is marginal for reception from Stockland Hill .
Analogue (esp BBC1) was unwatchable without a masthead amp so we used the Sky free channels but the channels available on Sky for free have kept varying (currently no Dave which my wife likes)
Freeview on low power (while analogue was still going) was missing channel 28. After analogue switch-off it was still missing channel 28 but with the progs changed we were less worried. (only ITV4 for TT races caused us to revert to Sky for a week each year)
Then, earlier this year, casually checking, I found we had all 6 Freview MUXes with minor (acceptable) pixellation and sound volume dips. So we became Freeview only.
Since the latest retune BBC1, BBC2 and to a lesser extent ITV1 have become unwatchable on Freeview.
So we're back to Sky - which is a nuisance as we feed a 4:3 and a 16:9 TV from the same Sky box (OK I'm a mean old pensioner!!) - and we watch Dave on Freeview.
This arrangement is not really satisfactory as my wife sometimes presses the wrong button and summons me to (instantly)solve the problem....with looks and comments which imply that all our reception difficulties are my fault! - pointing out that she chose this cottage is not wise!!!!

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PS: Does Freesat use the same dishes and LNBs as Sky?
I have a 4 channel LNB that I've never got round to fitting so if I fitted this - ran an extra wire from a second LNB channel to my "remote" TV and obtained a freesat box for each TV would all my probs evaporate?

PPS: It is my understanding that freesat boxes don't have the dummy analogue O/Ps that Sky boxes have and can't therefore be controlled remotely like a Sky box can - am I right?

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Thank you.

Trying to run a 4:3 TV remotely in the kitchen and a 16:9 in the lounge (still fed from the Sky box analogue RF modulator as the Sky box and the TV are on opposite sides of the room) is causing me hardly bearable grief!

1. The 16:9 has a freeview demodulator built in and always switches on in digital mode. To begin with I used the TV's own remote control to change it to analogue. Then in fit of pique I pressed every button in turn on the Sky remote and found that "Backup" changes the TV to analogue mode. I haven't yet dared to impart this gem of wisdom to my wife!

2. I am now "commanded to carry out all switching on/off and channel changing of the lounge TV.
And I'm fed up with the snide remarks....

3. I've bought a Labgear twin arm fringe aerial and intend fitting this on a very tall pole on my barn which is a) higher than my cottage and b) to one side of the trees between the cottage and the Stockland Hill transmitter. To "aim" it I've acquired a signal strength metter and my first test is to be to connect it via a length of CT100 satellite cable to a TV temporarily sited in the barn. If this works I intend fitting an amplifier in the barn and trying to transmit the signal down 50 or 60 metres of ordinary coax which I laid in a plastic conduit when I built the barn.

If this works matrimonial harmony should be restored so wish me luck!!


M S Hahn

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