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Since the launch of the additional HD channels (COM 7) on the 10th Dec, I am now struggling to get a decent signal for the original set of HD channels (PSB3/BBCB).

Although COM7 (channel 33) is broadcasting at less than 1/20th of the power compared to PSB3 (channel 40), I am receiving a signal strength of 42%, but now the PSB3 signal has dropped from between 42% - 50% down to only 27% and suffering constant breakups/freezing.

My aerial is situated in the loft (not ideal I know, but it has always worked fine) and pointed at Sutton Coldfield transmitter. It is connected to a Humax Fox HDR-T2. My tv only has SD tuner but full HD panel, so I can't compare the signal levels between the two.

Additionally the SD channels are also now very poor. Ironically I am now alble to pick up slightly more stable SD and HD channels from the Waltham transmitter, which normally is way too low a signal (with aerial still pointed at Sutton Coldfield).

I know the usual advice is to check the aerial, cables, etc., but this sort of thing happens everytime any engineering work takes place at Sutton Coldfield, then if I'm lucky, a few weeks later the signal improves for a few months without any issues, all without me checking/changing anything in my setup.

From other peoples posts, it does affect many people (and around the country with other transmitters at the same time also), not just me, so it can't just be down to our individual setups.

Anyone have any suggestions as to why the received signal levels differ so much?

I am seriously thinking of giving up on Terrestrial Freeview altogether, it's been very poorly implemented in my opinion. It's looking like Freesat is the only option to get a constantly usable signal.

P.S. My postcode is CV10 9RH

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Update to my previous post.

I can only receive HD for BBC Four, BBC News, Al Jazeera.

All other HD broadcasts are showing zero signal level for both Sutton Coldfield and Waltham transmitters.

What's going on?

Xmas tv is going to be fuzzy SD only by the looks of it!

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